Why Trees Shed Their Leaves & What to Do About It

Why trees shed their leaves? It’s just the natural course of things especially when seasons change. This is their way of preparing for the harsh winter. They need to have their leaves fall off to prevent massive damage when the cold days come. It’s also their way of conserving water and energy.

It’s similar to how some animals hibernate. They stay dormant through the winter to conserve energy. After all, food and water could become scarce in those days. Somehow this is also how plants and trees work. They want to conserve as much resources and slow down as much as possible to survive the harsh cold conditions.

Trees shed their leaves all year long

Although the effect is most pronounced during the autumn (or when winter is fast approaching), trees still shed their leaves no matter the day of the year. Perhaps some parts of the branch were damaged or compromised. It’s also possible that wind and weather plays a huge role on why the leaves fall off.

Whichever is the case, the falling or shedding of leaves results to a huge inconvenience. The dead leaves clutter the gutter and roof. They also obscure the beauty of the garden because they cover the whole land.

That’s why many homeowners often request for a professional tree pruning service. This is to proactively remove the dead leaves and better prepare the trees for winter. It’s also a good way to maintain the tree’s health and beautiful shape.

Removing safety hazards

Aside from aesthetic and convenience reasons, timely tree pruning also results to better safety. Damaged or compromised branches may fall off anytime and injure someone. In addition, the falling leaves will block the natural flow of water in the roof and gutter (which could lead to property damages and safety hazards).

Diseased and weak branches also ruin the appearance of the tree and landscape. These branches may also be serving as a nuisance (e.g. blocking the view in the windows). The situation gets worse when these branches fall off and they shed their dead leaves.

Timely tree maintenance also keeps (or even improves) the health of the tree. That’s because pruning can stimulate new growth and circulation. The result is fresher looking leaves and a stronger looking tree.

Why trees shed their leaves & what High Point Trees can do about it

Trees shed their leaves mostly due to natural reasons. Perhaps it’s because of the pest, weak branches or seasonal change. Whichever is the case, High Point Trees will be there every step of the way.

We do timely tree maintenance to keep native trees in Sydney healthy and presentable. Our services include the following:

  • Tree pruning
  • Disease and infestation management
  • Tree bracing and structural enforcing (provide physical support to trees)
  • Tree consultation (e.g. is it best to remove the tree?)

Our fully licensed and insured arborists comply with all rules and policies for safe and responsible tree maintenance and removal. Call us today at 0412 333 013. We handle both convenient appointments and emergency calls.