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Here at Highpoint Tree Management, we are qualified and we are tree surgeons with over 10 years experience. We specialise in all aspects of professional tree services, including tree pruning, stump grinding, tree removal etc. We use modern practices to ensure that our highly skilled work is performed safely, giving you peace of mind.

With industry leading practices, training, equipment and maintenance strategies, high point tree management is committed to eliminating risk with minimal environment impact.

We offer free quotes 7 days a week and a 24/7 emergency, servicing all Sydney region and beyond!

Stump grinding:

Complete stump removal is normally recommended after tree removal to prevent regrowth , diseases or termites.

Palm removal:

whilst palms contribute to the great tropical environment, sometimes palm removal is necessary.
Fronds dropping from there large palms can be a danger to persons and property. They are very large and if they happen to hit a person when they drop, can cause quite a severe injury.
In many places, their palms were planted without thinking of the future. Now there causing havoc.

Palm tree cleaning:
Working on Palm trees takes special expertise. High point tree management offers removal of all pods, bracts, dead fronds etc. Palm tree cleaning can be done efficiently by high point tree management.

Definitely, with Industry-leading practices, training, equipment and maintenance strategies, High Point Tree Management is committed to eliminating risk with minimal environment impact.

We offer free quotes 7 days a week and a 24/7 emergency, servicing all Sydney region and beyond!

The High Point Trees Company appeared as a promise of tree surgeons. We are either called “tree surgeons” or “arborists” since for us the tree caring and removing services are a well-established discipline. It requires dedication, hard work and care.
These values have translated within our company and from the top levels of management to the men on the field; we respect the nature and commit to fulfilling our customer’s needs.
We have over 10 years of experience in tree services including tree pruning, stump grinding and all types and levels of tree removing processes. Whether we are talking about a massive tree structure or a small one, we use modern techniques of safe removal.
Each of our practice is insured and certified thus we can provide to our customers complete tree services at a high-quality. Committing to industry leading practices and operating with resistant equipment, the High Point Trees Management delivers daily a competitive customer service. We constantly improve the skills of our team by offering expert training and performing maintenance strategies that eliminate risks with the minimal impact on the environment.
We are a company that trusts in a well-performed work done by professional and hard-working hands through a transparent and honest service. We always encourage open communication with our customers. Our portfolio of tree removing services and much more is available to our customers with videos, testimonial and blog entries.
Each customer is invited to take a look at our gallery, browse our services and then make the lucky call!
Make that call anytime because we offer Free Quotes 24/7 including emergency calls. You never know what can happen but you can always know who to call!
The High Point Trees Company is the everyday solution to arbour problems and challenges. Our arbour tree services are executed with great care and consideration for the environment. Whenever we remove a tree or clean an area we make sure to pay attention to the habitat of the surrounding animals. Additionally, our machinery and skilled operators allow us to execute a work without damaging the surrounding assets or properties. Our operators are specially trained to minimise the impact of the tree removing processes.
Australia has a rich environment of plants and animals and we make sure to enjoy this treasure regardless of the size of our project. We immediately remove trees that suffer from disease and clean your yard of any danger leaving it spotless and as green as fresh spring.


Three words that qualify our work and the culture of our company; we answer fast to your requirements and deliver a clean and professional work. Your worries are finally done!
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