Stump Grinding in Sydney for Any Size, Location or Species

After a tree has been removed, there is still the issue of a stump remaining in or below the surface.

These can start as a minor nuisance, but over time tree stumps can become a major problem for the nearby area.

Apart from looking unsightly, taking up space that could be better utilised, and being a trip hazard to passersby, old stumps can also contaminate nearby soil. If not removed, over time they can start to rot which can affect the ground. As they start to deteriorate they can also attract insects like ants, termites and other unwanted pests.

If a tree stump is creating problems in your outdoor space, then you need a professional stump grinding service, and we have stump grinding machines to suit almost every site.

By removing old tree stumps, you get the chance to modernise and build new outdoor spaces or gardens, have more room to play with the kids, and have more room for friends in a cleaner more aesthetic area.

  • A removed tree may still have a section that is immersed in soil concealed from sight.
  • Often, it is a mandatory task after tree removals (for example for trees removed from footpaths).
  • If the stump is not discarded in time, it may begin decaying and can simply become a home for termites, ants and other insects.
  • Stumps can obstruct paving, landscaping or development projects.  Stumps that are left also allow chances of tripping and injury, to kids and adults.
  • With the right tools and machinery, stump grinding prevents unwelcome herbage growth, plant and soil disease and termites.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Stumps

High Point Trees are fully licensed, insured and have over a decade of experience in the industry.

We use premium stump grinding and digging machines to excavate stumps and remove the root ball.

No job is too big or small.

Our team can perform stump grinding anywhere in the Hills District or Western Sydney suburbs. These include public parks, residential areas, commercial walkways, woodlands, golf courses and tree plantations.

Reasons to remove old stumps include:

  • Clear the way for new landscaping projects and developments
  • Create a safe area for friends, family, clients and the general public
  • Avoid the risk of spreading disease and attracting bugs or insects
  • Improve the appearance of your outdoor space
  • Prevent unwanted regrowth

Sydney-based High Point Tree Management services give stump pounding and stump excavation services covering Sydney metro and inner suburbs such as:

Parramatta, Hornsby, Carlingford, Epping, North Sydney, Blacktown, Penrith, Liverpool, Eastern, Norther and Southern suburbs of Sydney.

Ask any certified landscaper or arborist, and most will tell you the same thing. A leftover stump should be uprooted as quickly as possible.

Here’s why:

  1. It Poses Safety Hazards – Children, especially, can trip over stumps when playing and running around.
  2. It Attracts Pests – Protect your building’s infrastructure by getting rid of residual stumps from felled trees. These are like magnets for wood-boring pests, including termites and carpenter ants.
  3. It Leeches – The surrounding garden you tend to so carefully is sharing precious minerals and nutrients with that seemingly harmless stump.
  4. It Contaminates Other Tree Life – If the stump is diseased, the condition could spread to other tree life within close proximity.

DIY Stump Removal vs. Pro Stump Grinding

(aka When Going Cheap Becomes Expensive)

Today, there are a variety of novel products on the marketplace that allow property owners to carry out DIY home improvement projects with confidence. DIY stump removals aren’t an exemption. Go to any big box store and you’ll find stump rotting chemicals to dissolve thick and dense tree bases left behind on properties.

The difference when taking the DIY route is that it takes literally weeks for toxic chemicals to break down the tree’s roots. Moreover, there are a series of steps to complete to ensure the process is done right. If you decide on doing it yourself as opposed to hiring a professional stump removal contractor in Sydney, you would first need to soften the stumps, let it sit for weeks, expose yourself to toxic chemicals, burn the remainder, and then remove the ashes from the ground.

The process doesn’t end there. Roots in the ground mean there’s a probability that the tree will regrow. When you hire professionals like us, we help you save time, energy, and money by doing all the hard work for you. We leave you worry free since all the remains are dug up giving you a clean slate for any new projects.

  • Pulling Our Weight: We use heavy-duty equipment to grind the stump, removing it for once and for all. We get in and out fast so you can get on with your day.
  • No Going Back: Once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no going back to what you had before. Cut ties with an unsightly stump once and for all and get the peace of mind that it won’t grow back.
  • In-Depth Experience: With decades of experience in the industry, our stump grinding specialists know the best methods for stump removal, going deeper to completely cut away root systems between 6-18 inches underground.
  • Recycle Wood Chips: Convert a seemingly useless stump into rich mulch or fertilizers upon request. Repurpose as a weed or moisture controller in a garden. Alternatively, you can ask us to get rid of it altogether.
  • No Suckering: When our Sydney arborists come in, there’s zero chance that new sprouts will reappear, guaranteed. We make sure what’s left behind is a clear landscape to effortlessly replant or re-landscape.
  • No Leftover Work: High Point Trees is a cut above the rest. We plug holes with new topsoil and haul away all debris generated from uprooting the plant.
  • Ready to Chip In: Breaking up a tree stump alone is a time-consuming process. Don’t spend your weekend on this tedious process. We dig deep underground to ensure there’s no regrowth after the service is complete. After removing the tree stump, you get a chance to sit back and bask in the beauty of a flawless backyard without any hazards.
  • Reusable wood chips: for rich mulch or fertilizer including site clean-up and hole filling for clean and flat surfaces

Safe and Eco Friendly

As a member of the National Arbour Association, we follow strict safety guidelines and arborist methods to safely and ethically remove stumps from the site.

All precautions are taken to clear the area of pedestrians and prevent the risk of damage to nearby buildings or the native wildlife.

Hassle Free Stump Removal

You don’t have to be present to have your tree stump removed. However, we do recommend having an obligation free consultation, so we can understand your specific project needs.

If you are yet to remove a tree and need help with getting a permit – we can guide you through this easy process.