Emergency Tree Removal

Unexpected storms and extreme wind can pose a serious risk to people and property.

If a tree has fallen, or has become dangerous due to weather such as high winds or storms, call us immediately. It’s crucial that the fallen or damaged tree be removed immediately. The tree can be a thriving site to pests and a hazardous obstruction to people and vehicles.

For emergency tree removal, High Point Trees can be dispatched anywhere you are in Greater Western Sydney, Western Sydney and Hills District to remove damaged limbs or whole trees. We have the labour and resources to contain any emergency safely and efficiently.

Call 0412 333 013 to remove a hazardous tree in your area.

Emergency tree removal Sydney

Only trained arborists should do the emergency tree removal if you want to ensure proper work and safety. For example, removing the hazardous tree that are near structures or in crowded areas can be difficult and dangerous. You also have to think about potential damage to overhead service lines (electrocution, power interruption, physical injuries to passersby).

Here at High Point Trees our trained arborists only implement the best practices when removing the tree of concern. We accurately assess the height of the tree (and calculate where it would land in case the tree is still erect or partially fallen). We also assess the tree’s health and level of rotting and infestation to ensure the safety of our crew and people in the community.

Our team of specialists already has 10+ years of experience in handling this kind of dangerous and complex work. We have the necessary tools and expertise to get the job done safely, neatly and completely. We can even remove the stump if we determined that it will cause harm in the future.

Emergency Tree Services Sydney

We know the risks of damaged and fallen trees (in residential, commercial and public areas especially where people and kids frequent). Also, storms and strong winds are getting more unpredictable and extreme.

As a result, we’ve made our operations and services available 24/7 for your safety. First we will accurately assess the hazard and safely contain the emergency. Then, we perform the prompt and safe removal of the trunk, branches and stumps if needed.

During the removal, we observe all safety precautions to keep the crew, bystanders and passersby safe. We establish a minimum safe distance and study the potential impact to the surrounding trees, utilities and structures.

Phone us today at 0412 333 013 and the High Point Trees team will get the job done promptly, safely and completely. We will even clean up the site and remove the waste so you won’t have too. Our team of experienced specialists will ensure a neat job at the best price.

Emergency Tree Removal Services Sydney