Western Sydney Tree Removal

The City of Sydney protects individual trees and urban forests situated on private lands. As a result, a Western Sydney council tree removal application and authorisation is necessary prior to trimming or uprooting any tree, with just a few exemptions.

A tree removal is usually justifiable when a tree is:

  • Dead or Dying
  • Dangerous
  • Damaged by Storms
  • Unsuitably Located on Properties

Why is Consent Needed to Cut Trees?

Councils are responsible for the look and feel, and ‘livability’ of their areas. To maintain their areas, tree management is necessary. We all like trees, but the concern is that at one level, if people could just cut and hack trees without consequence we would likely end up living in a desert. This would have an effect on people’s happiness, nature’s diversity and ultimately land values would fall as people moved to greener suburbs. Nobody wants to live in a concrete jungle!

Beyond the environmental and societal impacts of cutting trees, breaching the council’s tree management controls could land you in court with a possible repercussion of up to $1.1 million in fines.

We agree with the Councils, and we recommend tree removal as a last resort in order to save our trees, and ultimately, our planet. If a tree removal is indeed necessary, we will walk you through the steps to comply with local mandates and get the project off the ground with less hassles.

If you own a tree in decline and it is compromising the infrastructure of a home or business, High Point Trees is equipped with the tools and know-how to complete the process cost effectively and without risking the safety of your family or staff.

We remove trees in various locations, including those overshadowing residential and commercial structures. We pay special emphasis on eliminating the threat of unsafe trees without causing damage to nearby buildings. To achieve this, our team conducts detailed assessments prior to starting any job. Plus, for your peace of mind, we are fully licensed, certified and insured.

How to Apply

To help protect our customers, we’ve mapped out the basic steps for the Western Sydney Council tree removal process:

  1. Download the Western Sydney Council Tree Removal Form
  2. Submit a $50 Fee (Pay Online, By Cheque to the “City of Sydney Council”, or In Person)
  3. Email the Completed Form to or Mail to: City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001

The application requests details such as:

  • The property owner’s consent if a tenant is applying
  • Checkmarks for significant or heritage trees
  • A detailed arborist’s report if applicable

Emergency Tree Removal

For trees that pose an imminent danger to life and property, consult with High Point Trees right away. We offer emergency services to get rid of unstable trees, complete with detailed reports to submit to the council.

Our certified tree professionals are members of the National Arbour Society and understand the checklist for removing immediately dangerous trees.

Get a Quick Estimate

High Point Trees features transparent pricing, knowledgeable arborists, and a first-rate reputation. To eliminate any surprises with costs, one of our qualified arborists will schedule an on-site visit to determine the project’s scope and final price.