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High Point Trees are local experts in tree maintenance and removal, land clearing, site preparation and gutter cleaning. No matter what your project needs are, you can expect friendly and professional service at an affordable price.

Stump Removal

Prepare for a new landscaping project and remove unnecessary obstructions for general foot traffic. We provide comprehensive tree stump removal and soil treatment to stun regrowth, stop the spread of disease, and the infestation of insects compromising nearby properties or gardens.

Palm Cleaning

Let us preserve the beauty and health of your palm tree. We provide pruning and trimming services to effectively remove fronds, protruding spikes and fruit that attracts unwanted insects. If your palm tree is beyond repair – we can completely remove the stump and treat the soil for you.

Land Clearing

Our experienced arborists can remove unsightly trees, shrubs, and stumps. Whether you’re starting a new landscape project or just need the space, we help you make a fresh start to your outdoor space.

Tree Maintenance

From pruning and trimming, to branch and stump removals, our maintenance services keep your outdoor area obstruction-free while preserving the natural characteristics of your trees.

Gutter Cleaning

Our arborists safely remove all kinds of foliage including leaves, branches, twigs, dirt, stones, and shrubs. We also specialise in mould removal and general tidying up of the rooftop area. No mess left behind after the job is done!