3 Tips on Best Autumn Tree Care and Maintenance

Autumn tree care and maintenance is about maintaining the health of the tree as well as removing hindrances and improving its appearance.

For example, tree maintenance often involves pruning and trimming. Its appearance will improve because diseased and weak branches will be removed. On the other hand, trimming will also remove hindrances which might be blocking your view or traffic flow outside.

Why prune your trees this autumn?

First, pruning makes the tree’s structure more visible. This makes spotting compromised branches and leaves much easier (e.g. decay or infestation becomes more visible). In addition, pruning also somehow relieves the stress the trees experience. This could stimulate growth through the autumn season and possibly better prepare the trees for winter.

When winter comes, they undergo “hibernation” and almost all tree maintenance tasks might become impossible or forgotten. That’s why this autumn is a crucial opportunity to maintain or improve the health of your tree.

Tree trimming for design purposes

Aside from the tree’s health, trimming and pruning can also vastly improve the tree’s shape and appearance. This could greatly increase the appeal of your yard and landscape. This could also contribute to the neatness of your garden.

The appearance of the trees surrounding a house has a huge effect on its appeal. If the tree has an excellent shape and looking fresh (damaged branches and leaves were removed), the exterior home overall will have a glowing and renewing feel.

Autumn tree care and maintenance here at High Point Trees

Here at High Point Trees, you can contact us 24/7 and we’ll be ready to perform professional tree pruning at an affordable price. Our local arborists and tree experts will be careful whether the tree is big or small. We service the entire Sydney region and nearby areas.