Council Works

Tree Removals, Vegetation Management and Site Clean-Up

We work together with government agencies to maintain local vegetation, perform tree removals, and clean-up sites affected by falling trees.

High Point Trees are available 24/7 in Western Sydney and the Hills District. We offer free site inspections and meet with council members to provide a cost-effective solution for their concerns.

We provide council members with the following information:

  • Site assessment reports
  • Site photographs with markings to show where tasks will be done
  • Schedules and timelines
  • Breakdown for the total cost of each task
  • Copy of qualifications, licenses, proof of insurance and ISO accreditation for Environmental 14001, Quality 9001 and OH&S 4801 standards.

All of this information is provided free of charge to council members and available to clients at any time.

Council members are welcome to inspect worksites and request additional information from us including staff logged hours, invoices and safety guidelines. Our project managers communicate daily with clients to report on progress and checklist the individual requirements for each project.

High Point Trees are licensed to operate elevated platforms including cherry pickers and scissor lifts to safely access tall trees.

Power Lines Clean-Up

Unexpected storms and extreme winds can wreak havoc on ageing or diseased trees.
The loss of power due to a collapsing tree is a major burden on taxpayers and the local council.

Preventative treatment is the key to maintaining the flow of power while keeping residents and buildings safe from harm.

These preventative treatments include:

  • Regular pruning and trimming of weak limbs
  • Tree removals
  • Bracing and cabling unbalanced trees
  • Treating infestations, disease and weed growth

High Point Trees use heavy-duty cranes to safely lift and remove trees, even those near buildings or powerlines. We can access most hard-to-reach places in Sydney, and clear the site without causing damage to nearby buildings or the landscape.

By getting rid of fallen trees and limbs, the emergency crew can safely access damaged powerlines and resolve the issue quickly.

Community Services

From tree removal to stump grinding, vegetation management and land clearing
we have the labour and resources to manage projects of any size or complexity.

We have access to digging machinery, excavators, wood chippers, chainsaws, braces and cabling – all of which are quality checked and operated by licensed professionals.

For managing large-scale vegetation, we submit a project plan that outlines:

  • Strategy to care for and maintain certain tree and plant species
  • Sourcing and placing organic mulch
  • Planting new trees and plants in the area
  • Preventative treatment against disease, infestation and weed growth

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