Why Remove a Tree? And Why Do It As Soon As Possible?

First, the tree can cause immediate danger to your family and serious damage to your property (especially if the tree is dead or damaged by wind and storm). The branches and trunk might fall on someone or something.

Another reason is about the tree’s recent and long-term development. It might gradually encroach on your house, neighbour or utility lines. For both residential and commercial areas, the tree’s recent development might be a hindrance to the landscape or facade of the building.

Trees undergo continuous changes

No matter the season, trees undergo either continuous growth or gradual decay. Both of these activities may become unfavourable to you or your property.

For example, the tree’s branches and trunk might be starting to lean toward your deck or house. The weight of the branches might start to fail and compromise the safety of anyone below. When a storm comes, the likelihood of an unfortunate incident greatly increases. It may cause safety hazards and possible damages to your property.

These changes and potential hazards often become noticeable when it’s too late (or the tree’s removal becomes too dangerous). That’s why a professional arborist often assesses the tree and spots the problems early on (e.g. interior decay or insect infestation).

It may take months or years before these “non-obvious” issues become apparent. Also, time flies fast and seasons always change. Before you know it the tree you’re looking at this morning might already be compromised.

Other reasons on why remove a tree

Ultimately it would depend on the arborist’ assessment and your decision. Perhaps it’s for aesthetic reasons (e.g. tree blocking the landscape view) or safety (branches might fall on the roofs). Another possible reason is convenience (falling leaves and twigs clutter the gutters).

For residential and commercial construction, tree removal and stump grinding are often aspects of site preparation. The local arborists will assess the tree and probably advise on how to safely remove the tree. The tree removal experts will then provide the labour and machinery to complete the job.

Overcrowding of trees may also be another reason to remove a tree (or a few trees). This task presents unique challenges because probably you want to minimise the number of trees being removed while still achieving some objective.

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