In the Spotlight: Blacktown Council Tree Removal, NSW

At High Point Trees, we’re known as arborists, tree removalists carrying out tree management – even tree surgeons. When a Blacktown neighbor recently told us she needed her tree uprooted, we were ready and willing to take on the significant tree removal job. We saved her the hassle of calling the Blacktown Council for tree removal, as should be the Australian standard.

Tree Removals in Blacktown for Safety Reasons

Upon arrival at the customer’s home in Blacktown, our certified arborists did a five-point analysis of her hearty looking Forest Red Gum tree.

As it turned out, the customer, who will remain anonymous, had every right to fear for her safety. Using specialized equipment, we could tell the trunk’s interior was decaying rapidly. Had no action been taken, the tree would eventually fall on its own – potentially causing serious risks to life and property.

Tree Removals in Blacktown for Building Purposes

Even though safety concerns were the main reasons for her tree lopping request, this wasn’t the only motive. Part of the plan included new building and development after clearing the land.

Stump Grinding– Why It Was Required

The Forest Red Gum, a beautiful native of our homeland Australia, also happens to be deciduous in nature. This means that if the tree stump were to be left on the ground and only parts of the trunk removed, there would be some chance of the tree growing back.

Since the customer needed further additions to the home, it made sense to conduct a thorough tree stump removal via stump grinding – just like our many other tree removal jobs in Blacktown, NSW.

What Happens if the Tree Stump Was Left To Its Own Devices?

Not only would the homeowner have to contend with the tree growing back and invading new foundations, leftover roots and stumps are likely to cause secondary issues, such as soil erosion.

Seeing that a new construction was in the works, High Point Trees piloted a practice known as tree grubbing. This extra, which happens to be done with all of our tree removal work, saves our customers from paying other contractors to do this task.

Grubbing involves the removal of all organic substances left behind by dug up trees. The practice ultimately secures uniform soil levels during and after construction.

High Point Trees uses heavy-duty equipment to expedite the tree lopping process resulting in minimum interruptions to your home life.

Tree Doctors On Call in Blacktown, Sydney

In the last few weeks, High Point Trees’ certified tree surgeons have spread out throughout various regions of NSW to help our friends and neighbors prune and remove trees as well all other tree service needs.

We continue to enjoy the challenge of eliminating dangerous trees in all types of weather. In the end, we take pride in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work.

Get Tree Removals in Blacktown 

High Point Trees is able to complete a full arborists report of trees located on private and public lands in Blacktown. We can also help with preparing site plan reports for Blacktown Local Council tree removal application forms to get council approval for tree works and much more.

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