How to Stop a Potential Power Outage By Removing Just One Tree

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Did you know in 2012, more than 3500 power outages were caused by vegetation impacting powerlines?[1]

It’s true.

When trees and power lines meet, they can cause fires, power outages and blackouts. Whether a tree collapses on its own or due to extreme winds, trees and power lines are a dangerous mix that puts people’s lives at risk and costs the council a fortune.

Trees should be kept at a safe distance and regularly trimmed so as not to disturb the council and cause harm to the general public. But when those options can’t be achieved, sometimes tree removal is the only way – as was the case for this property in Winston Hills.

The Brief

Located just 3 meters away from the premise, this tree was a hazard waiting to happen. Its limbs were spread out and very close to reaching the nearby powerline. Who knows what would have happened if it had been left to grow for longer?

Luckily, our team of licensed tree removalists came to Winston Hills ready to handle the task.

The Process

Upon our arrival, we performed a five-point analysis on the premise and the tree itself. Due to the close proximity of nearby buildings and power lines, the tree in Winston Hills would be removed by sections to minimise disruption.

Removing the limbs was done by licensed technicians on safety harnesses, who made sure each limb fell in a safe landing zone away from nearby buildings. After the limbs were removed, the core trunk was cut into sections to minimise the risk of falling objects.

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Finally, we needed to remove the stump from the ground. This would give the client more space in their front yard, remove a potential trip hazard, and prevent disease or tree rot spreading to other vegetation.

By using an electronic stump grinding machine, the stump was safely removed without damaging the yard in Winston Hills. All tree trunks, limbs, branches and the stump were loaded onto a truck and sent to a landfill or repurposed as mulch.

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The Results

All of this was completed on the same day and in a matter of hours.

The results were clear to see and the client was very happy with their new front yard. Now they had the space to plant a new garden, establish a new front entrance, or start any other landscaping project they wanted.

The client now had to freedom to personalise their front garden any way they wished.

By removing vegetation away from the powerlines, there was no longer a risk of a power outage or blackout affecting the neighborhood.

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