Are There Bushfire Hazards in Your Property?

There are many locations that are prone to bushfires particularly during the warmer seasons. This is especially true in several regional and suburban areas in Western Sydney.

The risks and damages become greater when there are too many dead trees, leaves and branches in the area. Woodpiles, garden mulch and leaf litter can further fuel a fire. Fires can even spread over larger areas as it gathers more fuel and momentum. As a result, your home (including your garden) or other buildings are at risk.

Your hazard & your responsibility

If it’s your property, it’s your responsibility. That’s why many homeowners take proactive measures to remove bushfire hazards in their properties. They remove dry hazardous materials (e.g. dead leaves and branches) and clean up the site so any potential fire won’t have much to feed on.

However, that’s only the first step in identifying and removing the bushfire hazards. Often property owners are not aware of the hazards present in their property. Also, there might be permits required before performing any bushfire hazard reduction (especially when fire is to be used to clear up an area). In addition, it can be laborious and/or unsafe to remove the hazards and clean up the site.

The solution to this is to let an expert team (with a local arborist on board) to assess the local area. Once they’ve identified the risks and hazards, they will then formulate and implement the necessary measures to make the area safe. They will start with the removal of dry and wet hazardous materials. They might also perform additional site clean-up in a safe and environment-friendly way (e.g. recycling of materials). The goal is to make the area free from the threat of bushfires.

Are there bushfire hazards in your property?

If you want to make your property free from the threat of bushfires, you can contact us here at High Point Trees. Our expert team of arborists will assess your area for any risk of bushfires and other hazards. We’ll also remove those risks and safely clean the area. For over 10 years we’ve been doing this at competitive rates plus a commitment to safety and environmental sustainability.

We’ll also guide you through the required council approvals so we can legally clear the area and remove the hazardous trees. Phone us today at 0412 333 013 for a free quote (we’re available 24/7).