When is a Tree Considered Dead?

How can you tell if a tree is dead? The sure way is to call an arborist. Yes, there could be signs you can see for yourself but it can still be hard to distinguish whether a tree is dead or just dormant (especially during winter season).

For example, cracks in trunk, extensive fungal growth and lack of budding leaves might mean the tree is dead and hopeless. The tree already lost its ability to absorb nutrients and continue on with sprouting new leaves and branches.

Why trees die?

Perhaps there’s extensive root damage that made the tree unable to absorb nutrients. Maybe lack of water supply is one of the reasons. It’s also possible that chemicals and climate are responsible for the tree’s death.

It could have been months or years that the tree in your property is already dead before you suspect anything. For instance, the abundant presence of mushrooms on the trunk might mean that there’s been internal rot for several months (it might be already a hollow and vulnerable trunk). Or, the leaves are still green but the roots are already heavily damaged. The leaves only turn brown after several weeks because the nutrients run out.

It takes some examination and analysis to confirm when is a tree considered dead and what are the causes. If the case is already hopeless, it’s highly advisable to remove it as soon as possible. This is to prevent safety hazards and protect your property from damages.

When to remove a tree

If a tree is dead and is home for many fungi and insect species, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible. But if a tree still has hope and can be saved (result of arborist’s assessment), removal of a few branches and intelligent pruning can bring new life to the tree. This is done by removing damaged and infected branches and stimulating new growth.

Only an arborist can know for sure. Even if you’re certain for yourself that the tree is already dead or in state of fast decline, an arborist is still needed to advise and guide the process. After all, removing a tree could be risky and hazardous to you and the property.

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