Winter Tree Maintenance in Western Sydney

Winter is the perfect time of the year to rug up, heat up some hot chocolate and kick-back in front of an open fire. But while there’s nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of your own home – your trees are sitting dormant, waiting for the weather to warm up and flourish.

It may not seem necessary to have your trees maintained during the cold winter months. However, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to get some preventative treatment done in preparation for the growing season.

Here are some helpful reasons why tree maintenance in Western Sydney during winter can preserve the health and beauty of your garden.

Easier to Prune

Following the months of autumn, when the leaves have fallen off the branches and are resting on the ground – arborists have a much easier time assessing the condition of your trees.

Without the shrouds of leaves covering their vision, they can clearly identify areas of concern including:

  • Weak or overgrown branches
  • Damage caused by insects
  • Diseases like brown rot or peach leaf curl
  • Stale fruit and dead leaves attracting pests

By identifying these issues, your tree surgeon can get close to the tree and safely access any area to perform a range of pruning, trimming and general maintenance services.

Stop the Spread of Disease

During the winter months, the conditions are too cold for bacterial and viral diseases to thrive and grow. This is a perfect opportunity to take care of the situation before they spread in the warmer seasons.

Our tree surgeons use sterilised pruning equipment to clip away diseased shrubs and branches. The disinfectant prevents further bacteria from developing while the pruning wound naturally heals.

After having your tress professionally treated, you won’t have to worry about disease compromising the quality of your garden or soil.

Eliminate Pests

Sure, you may not have many pests hanging around your tree now – but wait until spring comes around, and you’ll wish you removed that spoilt fruit lying on the ground sooner.

Dead leaves and spoiled sources of food are a breeding ground for pests, fungi and spores. Removing them before the warm weather arrives is essential to reducing the risk of disease and the presence of pests.

A professional tree maintenance service in Western Sydney will clean up the mess for you. By removing these unwanted remains, you’ll prevent reinfestation caused by pests wreaking havoc on your trees again.

Winter Mulching

There are many benefits to mulching the surrounding area of your trees in winter.

Mulch is a great way to prevent warmth of the sunlight reaching the soil, which’ll keep the tree dormant and prevent it from growing prematurely. Mulch also helps to conserve moisture while improving soil nutrient levels.

Our experienced arborists apply fresh shredded mulch around trees, which are loose and easy to relocate once the warm weather arrives. The mulch helps cool the soil, retain moisture and even control weeds.

Prevent Tree Hazards and Accidents

Preparing for winter storms and winds is essential to keeping your local area safe.

A professional tree surgeon can remove at-risk branches from your trees, along with install cabling and braces to reinforce their structure. These preventative measures keep the tree stable against the threat of high winds, while preventing loose branches from falling and causing harm in the surrounding area.

Whether your tree has weak branches that need removing, or cabling and bracing to improve its structural integrity – professional tree maintenance in Western Sydney will keep your local area much safer.

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