Why you should always have the Professionals handle your next tree removal

The Risks of DIY Tree Lopping and Land Clearing

A well-maintained tree can add incredible value to your property and make your home stand out among the rest. But if you’re like most busy homeowners, you may not have the time, knowledge or skills to correctly perform tree lopping and other maintenance tasks.

When it comes to tree maintenance, few things are more important than looking out for warning signs like insect damage, disease and weak branches. If left untreated, your trees could become sick and result in falling branches and infestation spreading throughout your garden.

Not to mention… a sick tree does become an unsightly appearance on your garden.

But do you need a professional arborist to preserve the shape, health and structural integrity of your tree?

Assessing the Condition

If you suspect that disease, insects or extreme weather are turning your tree into a hazard, you may be inclined to diagnose the problem yourself.

Some of the most common symptoms of a damaged a tree include:

  • Branches are overgrown, slanted or cracked
  • Leaves are faded (not to be confused with seasonal colour changes)
  • Presence of insects and other infestation
  • Open tree trunk wounds
  • Reduced growth

Due to the presence of leaves, foliage and the overall height of a tree, it may be difficult to effectively diagnose these symptoms. It also depends on the type of tree you have and how closely you can inspect the finer details.

If you can’t effectively diagnose these issues on your own, a professional arborist can offer you advice and a range of services to maintain the health of your tree.

You can request a free quote to get an idea of the overall cost, along with receiving professional advice on how to correctly, prune, trim and maintain your tree throughout all seasons.

Why Not Just Do My Own Tree Lopping?

Just like any form of garden maintenance, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. There are risks involved in pruning and trimming your trees, which if performed incorrectly or during the wrong season – can result in the tree decaying and eventually dying.

How can improper pruning or trimming techniques hurt your tree?

If an entire tree branch is removed along with its leaves, the tree loses a vital source of food and energy. This is because the starches and carbohydrates stored within the leaves have been removed. Without it, the tree us forced to rely on stores located further down the stump.

Also, if a branch or canopy does regrow, it may not be as structurally sound as the previous one. This usually happens when the regrowth originates from the surface, not deep within the branch itself.

If you want your trees to be at their healthiest and most beautiful, a professional tree lopping service will ensure your tree is properly cared for with the right equipment and proper pruning techniques.

Land Clearing

Despite the best efforts to preserve any tree, it may be necessary to simply have the tree removed. A local team of tree experts can safely remove the tree and stump for you.

Land clearing is a fantastic opportunity to start fresh with a new landscaping project. You can extend the garden out onto the backyard, establish a private seating area, or walkway leading up to the front entrance.

A professional team of tree surgeons will take the hassle of out clearing your outdoor space.

From removing dead trees, to clearing foliage and debris, your new space will be clean and ready for the next stage. As part of your land clearing services, you’ll also receive a comprehensive mulching service to preserve the quality of your soil.

By making the difficult choice to have your tree removed, you have an exciting opportunity to start fresh and give your outdoor area the transformation it truly deserves.

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