When Should You Prune a Tree? Is It the Right Time?

When should you prune a tree? If it’s for removing dead wood and damaged branches, it can be done anytime to reduce safety risks and make the tree look very alive again. But for other reasons, you have to consider other factors such as the season and the type of tree you’re dealing with.

Pruning the tree during winter

This results to vigorous sprouts when spring finally comes. During winter the trees are dormant and pests and insects are unlikely to infest the tree. That’s because during and after the pruning, the tree receives cuts and bruises. Those are vulnerable points where insects and other pests will attack.

Winter pruning also promotes fast regrowth which can make the tree look a bit younger again. Professionals doing this are careful to maintain the structure of the tree by not cutting critical branches. But if those branches are dead or diseased, a more extensive trimming might be done.

Pruning during summer

Deciduous trees such as maple, oak, elm, aspen and birch are ideal for winter pruning. Trimming of these trees can also be done during summer especially if you want to direct the shape growth of the tree.

Tree trimming during the summer significantly slows down its growth and sprouting of new leaves and branches. That’s because there’s less food (leaves are where food is stored) which means stunted or slowed down growth.

Avoid pruning during the autumn

Many types of trees shed leaves during the autumn in preparation for the winter dormancy. Pruning can aggravate the situation and may even threaten the survival of the tree when winter comes.

Do the pruning only if necessary (small branches are dead or decaying, the branches are diseased and you want to prevent the spread). Wait for the coldest time of the winter to pass before resuming with the tree pruning.

Professionals can determine when should you prune a tree

Arborists and other professionals can inspect the tree of concern and determine if it’s the right time to prune it. Perhaps the damages and diseased branches are hard to see. Or, the branches and leaves are becoming a nuisance or safety risk.

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