West Pennant Hills Tree Removal and Maintenance

Trees still dominate West Pennant Hills. Whether you’re near the Thompsons Corner, driving along the Coonara Avenue or just walking along the residential areas with leafy views, healthy and green trees continue to beautify the place and make you feel closer to nature. You don’t even have to go to the Cumberland State Forest or the Koala Park Sanctuary to take in fresh air and experience the natural qualities of West Pennant Hills.

However, maintaining the balance of modern developments and natural features require proactive and ongoing work. Whether it’s around your home, along the streets and around the shopping centres, restaurants, schools and cafes, trees should be regularly maintained not just to keep the area green, but also to ensure everyone’s safety.

West Pennant Hills tree maintenance

Here at High Point Trees, we do our best to preserve the trees’ natural qualities. First we perform a thorough assessment to know if there’s interior rot (more on this later) or damaged and diseased branches. We can then do the necessary tree trimming and pruning to remove the compromised branches.

This is important in ensuring safety around the trees especially in schools (West Pennant Hills Public School) where kids stay or play around. Also, diseased branches might fall anytime on the schools’ paths and facilities.

Promptly trimming and pruning the trees can also encourage new growth, which can make the tree stronger and more resilient in extreme weather. This way, trees remain to be assets and further add beauty and value to the residential, commercial, school or public area.

Aside from tree trimming and pruning, our team also does the following:

  • Palm tree cleaning and maintenance
  • Tree disease management
  • Infestation management
  • Vegetation solutions
  • Tree bracing and structural enforcing
  • Expert tree advice and support

Our tree management consultants (arborists) can provide you with expert advice about any tree-related concern you might have.

West Pennant Hills tree removal, land clearing & other services

There are cases when a tree can no longer be saved. It can be due to interior rot, severe damage due to extreme weather or widespread insect infestation. In these cases, a prompt tree removal is a must to keep everyone safe.

There are also cases when some trees and vegetation should be removed to give way to new landscaping, excavation or construction projects. This kind of job should be done safely and properly so that the project will go more smoothly and the mess already taken cared of.

Here at High Point Trees, we have the required expertise, labour and machinery to complete those kinds of assignments, our comprehensive services include:

  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding and removal (including plugging holes with new topsoil and hauling away all debris generated from uprooting)
  • Shrub clearing and bushfire hazard management
  • Tree mulching
  • Vegetation management and removal
  • Land clearing

We perform a complete job when it comes to removing the trees, plants, roots and stumps. This way, the site will be truly ready for the next step for landscaping, excavation or construction.

Contact us today if you require complete tree services in your residential or commercial area. Whether it’s for site safety, maintaining the area’s beauty or making way for new developments, our team has the expertise, labour and machinery to safely and promptly complete the job. Today you can send us an online enquiry so we can discuss your project requirements. We can then provide a free quote about the full tree services you might require.