Tree Removal – What You Should Know?

Tree experts are called arborists and when you are looking for professionally handled tree removal in Sydney you should look for a professional arborist. There are risks in terms of your safety if you try to do it yourself, and there is also a risk to the property from things like roots and falling branches and the like. For a faster and less stressful process let the qualified experts do all the hard work! Here are some things you should know about safe tree removal.

Some essential tips on safe tree removal

  1. Use the correct tools and equipment – If it is a smaller tree then you need to have the right tools for removal. The size of the tree affects what kind of tools are needed for successful removal. Hiring a service to handle it is easier than buying or renting tools and equipment you do not know how to use very well. 
  2. Make sure the area around the tree is clear – Any tree removal should start with ensuring the area around it is clear of people and of vehicles and such. Even smaller trees can cause damage if they fall, plus there is the falling debris that is likely. When you are not an expert you are also less likely to know how to control the fall in the direction you want. 
  3. Use professionals for larger trees – With large and established trees it is wiser and safer to look into hiring a tree removal service. They have the skill and experience as well as the equipment. They know the different methods and are the best to assess what is the safest and most effective approach.  
  4. Wear the right gear – As well as having the right tools you also need the right safety gear to wear. At the very least you need proper safety goggles for your eyes and good gloves for your hands. It is also a good idea to have a helmet in case of falling debris and the right footwear. 
  5. Never use a ladder to cut from – It is not safe cutting at branches from a ladder leant against the tree. A lot of people try this and get injured. If there is cutting required that is out of your reach, call in an expert in tree removal in Sydney.  
  6. Avoid cutting trees near lines – Always be careful if there are lines close to the tree. It is a good idea to turn off the power supply if there is a risk of the tree being too close. 
  7. Consider the potential damage from a tree if it falls – Trees can do damage when they fall, even on surfaces like tiles and driveways. Project surfaces that are at risk if you want to avoid having to spend money on repairs. 
  8. Consider the local regulations for falling trees – There are rules about tree removal and you need to check what those are in Sydney, including hiring a tree removal service.