The Importance of Tree Pruning

Trees are beautiful, and nobody is going to argue with that. Sydney is one of the greenest, most beautiful cities you’ll ever see, and that’s thanks in no small part to the many lovely Australian trees lining the streets, walkways, and adorning any open space with greenery. You can safely enjoy the astounding nature of the great and bountiful nation that is Australia thanks to this.

Australians and tourists alike fall in love with Sydney, it’s an easy city to love. However, trees require quite a bit of maintenance, because they can be both dangerous, and their health is also important. Only healthy trees look good, and unhealthy trees can add to the damage potential.

Let’s talk a little bit about how important proper tree pruning can be, and what can happen if pruning is done properly, or is neglected altogether. This is important, and if you love how green Sydney is as much as I do, you’ll take this advice to heart, as I have learned from experience what happens when this stuff is done right, or isn’t done regularly.,

Tree Health

Tree pruning is important to a tree’s health. In nature, there are a lot of animals that will kind of do this in their own way, and competing trees will also prevent limbs from overgrowing, and will cause loss of limbs. You would think that cutting away at limbs would affect the health of the tree in a negative way, but cutting them back causes them to grow thicker, and much healthier. Take for example a mulberry tree, which is native to Australia, but is a common residential plant.

Cutting back limbs will cause them to become hardier, and produce bigger, juicier berries. I love mulberries, and I trim the tops of my mulberry trees on a regular basis, preventing them from growing too tall, while also keeping them producing some of the best berries you can ever imagine. You should taste my mulberry pie, it has won contests!

Damage Hazards

Tree limbs can also be dangerous to your property in a couple of ways. Obviously, without proper tree pruning, limbs can grow over roofs, causing potential roof maintenance annoyances, or falling on them, cars, fences, or the property of your neighbors, which is a whole entire mess itself.

Tree Removal in Sydney

Sometimes, pruning is enough, and a tree needs to go. It is too much of a risk, it is too close to the property, and it may tear up foundations with the root system. Tree removal is dangerous, and without professional help, you can hurt yourself, your property, or someone else. It may fall in the wrong direction, wildlife in the trees may become hostile, any number of things.

Picking the Right Service

When searching for tree pruning or tree removal, always pay attention to the website. Do they feature these as primary services or minimal side services? If it’s the latter, you definitely don’t want to use them.

Also, pay very close attention to positive feedback, as it’s a rarity online where people are very negative and bullying, it means more than you would expect. Negative feedback is only really of note if the feedback is regarding poor business ethics or them just not knowing what they are doing.