Summer tips for maintaining a garden

Those hot months in the summer for us Aussies are a blessing and a curse! Time to spend on the beach, drinking a cold brew, eating snags from the barbie with friends. Or if it gets too much enjoying the air conditioning inside. But think about your plants and trees too. Those high temperatures are tough on plant life but there are some things as well as tree trimming that you can do to help them. Things like mulching, pruning and irrigation for example. Here are some summer tips for looking after your garden in the summertime.

Mulching to regulate soil conditions

The best time to prepare your garden for the heat is early summer. In order to help the plants stay cool, retain the nutrients they need and the minerals, one of the best ways to achieve that is mulching. This helps regulate the soil conditions so that your trees and plants have the best chance during the hotter summer days that are on their way. Using an organic wood chip mulch that is fresh is best, but just make sure that whatever you use, you cover the beds in thick layers and make sure to mulch around the trees too.

Regular pest inspections

Inspecting the garden for pests is essential. During the colder months, pests like spider mites, beetles, whiteflies and such will have used the plants and trees as places to hide. Between them, they can cause damage to your garden so even in the warmer months you need to have your garden inspected often so that the plants and trees are not having their nutrients stripped from them. This may include some tree trimming if certain trees are infested.


Mulching helps retain water and keep the soil cool, but irrigation is important to make sure the plants get enough water in those high temperatures. One of the more successful options is to set up an irrigation or watering system that is more sophisticated. An expert service can come to your home and help set that up for you so your plants and trees get enough water.

Keeping potted plants

Potted plants are a great way to do some summer and indoor gardening, as well as some vegetable gardening. Make sure they get enough sunlight and water but then because they are in pots you can move them around so they get shade and protection from the heat in the peak of summer. You do not have to mulch your potted plants.

Tree trimming

Your trees need just as much help in the summer as your flowers, plants, shrubs and vegetables. Trimming and pruning should happen early in the summer. It helps them prosper, and it keeps them safe during storms and less likely to lead to fire issues. This is by removing overhanging branches, and so on. It is important to only trim the right trees at this time, some trees should have their trimming done when it is cooler, so it is a good idea to have an arborist come in and handle it.