Tree Pruning

Are your tree’s branches hitting your windows? Do you worry about branches breaking off and these may injure someone or damage the powerlines?

Here at High Point Trees we can prune your tree and make it safer for everyone. Our Tree Management Consultants (arborists) are fully licensed and insured to work in any outdoor area. Whether it’s a private land, golf course or a local council building, our arborists will safely access any site.

Our Professional Tree Pruning Services include removing diseased, dead or weather damaged branches. Aside from making the tree safer, this will also encourage new growth and improve circulation.

As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia, we comply with all rules, policies and insurance requirements outlined by leading industry bodies. This is to ensure safe and ethical work.

Our team of “tree surgeons” and skilled operators are very careful to avoid damage to surrounding assets and properties while doing the job. We always use the top industrial tools and machinery to perform each job (we’re available in major areas of Western Sydney and Hills District). We also clean up the site and guarantee there will be no mess left behind.

For over 10 years, High Point Trees is committed to delivering safe and excellent work at reasonable prices. You’ll know exactly what to pay for before any work begins. We’ll discuss the total cost breakdown (including equipment hire and labour) during our obligation-free meeting.

So if you want to make your tree safer for everyone (or you just want to keep your yard beautiful and clean), call us today at 0412 333 013. We’re available 24/7 and we handle emergency calls regardless of situation and timing.