Removing an Unwanted Tree From Your Garden Should be ASAP

Removing an unwanted tree from your garden should be done as soon as possible. Aside from ruining the landscape view, the unwanted tree might even become damaged and compromise the surrounding structures and your physical safety.

No matter the season, unwanted trees pose safety risks to the people nearby. Some homeowners choose to do it to maintain or improve their garden aesthetics. But the more important thing is ensuring safety upfront and in the long term when it comes to the dangers of trees.

What’s the effect of a massive tree?

Massive trees such as redwood, oak, gum and cork add beauty to almost any landscape. In addition, those trees may add financial value to the overall property.

However, their uncontrolled growth and branching might be affecting nearby structures such as the shed or a neighbour home. Falling branches may injure someone or the falling leaves have become a huge nuisance.

In these cases it’s recommended to remove the tree including its stump. If the stump and roots remain, the resulting decay might be a breeding ground for many types of microbes and fungi. The job should be done clean so as to prevent future problems from popping up.

Safety is the primary concern when deciding to remove the tree and when it’s the actual tree removal procedure. Falling branches and the trunk breakdown may injure or crush someone. It’s best to allow professionals (with consultation from arborists) to do the job from start to finish.

Can it still be solved by proper trimming?

Trees that have high historical or sentimental value may undergo careful pruning to preserve their health and integrity. Perhaps cutting a few branches and removing the dead leaves are enough to make the tree less of a nuisance.

Tree pruning is done when the branches and leaves get in the way of cables, posts, roofs, windows and other structures above the ground. It’s also done to remove rotting branches and other parts. The compromised branches should be removed early to reduce safety risks (especially if kids play around the tree).

Removing an unwanted tree from your garden

Labour, machinery and expertise are often required to safely and effectively remove a tree. Whether it’s for site preparation, landscape beautification or just some spring cleaning, careful and proper tree removal should be done by experienced and qualified professionals.

Here at High Point Trees, we do complete tree removal (e.g. cutting it down and chopping it to pieces). We handle both small and large jobs (at affordable prices) for residential and commercial applications. You can contact us today so we could schedule the assignment.