Winston Hills Tree Removal and Maintenance

With the Big W discount department store, Woolworths supermarket, Coles supermarket and several specialty shops, Winston Hills almost has it all and no one has to endure the heavy traffic going to the City when looking for excellent goods. Also, The Winston located next to the shopping mall is a good place to take a break and meet colleagues and friends (whether at a restaurant or pub).

To bring out and experience a lively atmosphere, The Bears football club (one of the largest in suburban Sydney) can easily accomplish that. Perhaps watching a nice game is the greatest way to recap the long day or week. Or, perhaps getting closer to nature (appreciating nature and the trees) is a great way to step back from modernity for a while.

Winston Hills tree removal services

A modern and sustainable suburb such as Winston Hills is never complete without the green and healthy trees. They provide a natural balance to the metal and concrete of residential and commercial developments. Indeed, trees are assets that add beauty to the hills and landscapes. However, sometimes trees present a safety hazard especially when they become damaged or diseased. It’s important to save it or remove it completely for your safety and that of the public.

Here at High Point Trees we have the skills, labour and machinery to complete such urgent and dangerous tasks. First we assess the tree’s health and work with the Council and relevant government agencies before we do our work. We provide the following information to the Council members:

  • Site assessment reports
  • Site photographs with markings showing where the tasks will be done
  • Schedules, timelines and total cost breakdown
  • Copy of qualifications, licenses, proof of insurance and ISO accreditation for Environmental 14001, Quality 9001 and OH&S 4801 standards

After completing the necessary paperwork and processes, we can do one or a combination of the following tasks:

  • Regular pruning and trimming of weak tree limbs
  • Tree removals
  • Bracing and cabling of the unbalanced trees
  • Treatment of tree infestation and disease

Our team here at High Point Trees observes all the safety guidelines especially when working at dangerous heights. We also take into account the presence of nearby power cables and structures in the area.

Winston Hills tree maintenance, stump removal and more

As much as possible, we save the tree of concern and try to bring back its optimal health. After all, trees add value to residential and commercial properties. To accomplish this, we remove diseased or weak branches, lower the height of tree (in case it’s becoming an obstruction) and shape the tree for a more attractive look.

Aside from the tree and branches, the stumps are also safety hazards especially to children playing around and the occasional passersby. Here at High Point Trees, we also remove those unwanted stumps so that it won’t be a safety hazard (or a centre for termites and carpenter ants).

We can also prepare a site for residential or commercial development through our land clearing and vegetation removal services. Our team can also do this for getting rid of bushfire hazards and physical obstructions. This way, the site will be ready for the next step of development.

Here at High Point Trees, our focus is on the right processes so that everything will become smooth and safe. As members of the National Arbour Society, we do our job safely and responsibly. Contact us today if you have tree-related concerns especially in your property.