St Marys Tree Removal and Maintenance

Driving along the Queen Street or Charles Hackett Drive (where the St Marys Village Shopping Centre is located) is hard to imagine without the healthy and green trees in the area. These trees provide a good balance to the bustling commercial area, general stores (Woolworths, Target) and specialty shops found here in St Marys. This is proof that nature can coexist with our modern accomplishments.

However, maintaining this good balance requires additional work. After all, trees can get damaged or diseased and therefore may present safety threats to people, vehicles and property. The trees should remain healthy, strong and green for them to remain safe and add value to homes, businesses and public areas.

St Marys tree trimming and pruning

Here at High Point Trees, we can thoroughly assess the health and integrity of the tree of concern in your area. The goal of our tree management consultants (arborists) is to preserve the natural qualities of the trees.

After the assessment, we can then remove the diseased and damaged branches. Aside from improving safety around the tree, the pruning and trimming can also encourage new growth. As a result, the tree can become healthier-looking, stronger and more resilient in extreme weather.

Aside from tree trimming and pruning, our services also include:

  • Tree disease and infestation management
  • Vegetation solutions
  • Palm tree maintenance
  • Tree bracing and structural enforcing
  • Expert tree advice and support

You can reach out to us about any tree-related concern you might have (you can call us at 0412 333 013). We can then create the best plan as to how to make the tree stronger and healthier.

St Marys tree removal and other services

We always do our best to maximise the life of the trees. However, there are cases when the damage or rot is severe enough that removal is the only option left. It’s especially the case when the tree’s trunk has been compromised or the tree has become dangerous due to extreme weather.

Here at High Point Trees we can do emergency tree removal to remove the danger in the area. We have the required labour and machinery to safely and promptly complete the job. We even make sure that the area will be clean after the tree removal (we clean up the mess so you won’t have to). We can also perform tree removal in preparation for a residential, landscaping or commercial project.

Aside from tree removal, we also do the following:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing and site cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Vegetation management and removal

Whether it’s for creating a safe area for the kids (e.g. around St Marys Primary School) and general public, clearing the way for new developments, removing safety and bushfire hazards, removing the sites for insect colonies or improving the appearance of the outdoor area, our team has the necessary machinery, labour and expertise to neatly complete the job.

Contact us today if you require professional tree services. You can also ask our tree management consultants (arborists) about any tree-related concern you might have. If you think a particular tree is at risk of falling anytime soon, it’s important that we go to the site right away.

You can send us an online enquiry and talk about the tree concern. We can then provide you with a free quote that covers the services you might require.