St Ives Emergency Tree Service

For emergency tree removal, you can phone us now at 0412 333 013. High Point Trees will arrive promptly no matter where you are in St Ives even if the site is hard to access.

We act quickly because it’s an emergency and the tree of concern can immediately cause damages, deaths and injuries. The hazardous tree and stump should be removed right away to keep everyone safe.

St Ives emergency tree service

There will always be problems and emergencies. Businesses at or near the St Ives Shopping Village have already experienced that. Sporting fields and facilities in Village Green were also affected. Schools such as the Sydney Grammar School and Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School were also affected. Many things changed but what remains the same is that emergencies are always ahead.

Our way to help here at High Point Trees is to respond and act quickly as well as do our jobs according to the highest safety and industry standards. As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia, we’re all about professionalism and ensuring safety and responsibility. We recycle as much as possible and we also consider the impact to wildlife and ecosystems. Our team also goes through the right processes and council regulations to ensure compliance and there will be no other problems down the road.

St Ives emergency tree removal

Aside from complete tree and stump removal, we also do the following in residential, commercial and government sites:

  • Land clearing for hazard removal or site preparation (new landscape, new residential, commercial or industrial structure)
  • Reshaping a tree for clearing up obstacles around overhead service lines
  • Palm cleaning and removal (including removal of protruding spikes)
  • Weed control and gutter cleaning (and also tidying up the rooftop area)
  • Mulching to help regulate temperature and moisture on your garden soil (a natural way to maintain the garden)

We keep ourselves updated about the latest standards on safety, sanitation and environmental responsibility. Our team also makes sure that the site is clean and hazard-free after the job. It’s one less thing to worry about in these uncertain times.

Phone us now at 0412 333 013 whether it’s about tree removal, tree maintenance, hazard removal or land clearing. The High Point Trees team is always here to quickly respond.