Seven Hills Tree Removal and Maintenance

Many family homes here at Sevo have large yards and plenty of lawn. Because of that large surface area, it can be said that the immediate outdoors of homes are as valuable as that of the indoors. It’s also the case in many commercial areas (such as in the parking area of Seven Hills Plaza) and along the streets. Indeed, trees are assets that further add value to both residential and commercial premises.

But these trees should be regularly maintained. After all, they have to stay healthy, strong and green. And yes, it takes years to grow again another tree. What should be done is to perform proper tree maintenance so that the tree will continue to add beauty and value to a property.

Seven Hills tree pruning and trimming

Here at High Point Trees, our tree management consultants (arborists) will first assess the health of the trees before doing any action. We follow all the required and important processes to ensure that the job is accordance with council regulations.

After the tree assessment, we can then do the tree pruning and trimming to remove diseased and damaged branches. This would bring new life to the trees and even encourage new growth. Moreover, this will make the tree branches stronger and more resilient in extreme weather.

Aside from tree trimming and pruning, High Point Trees also does the following:

  • Palm tree cleaning
  • Tree disease management
  • Infestation management
  • Vegetation solutions
  • Tree bracing and structural enforcing
  • Expert advice and support (you can ask our arborists about any tree-related concern you might have)

Seven Hills tree removal services

Regular tree assessment and maintenance is important in ensuring the health and integrity of trees. This is also important in ensuring that the area around the trees is safe because diseased and damaged trees might fall off anytime.

But there are cases when trees should be removed already. They pose a serious threat to the property and more importantly, to passersby and people in the vicinity. Whether you’re near the Centro Seven Hills shopping centre, Seven Hills High School, just in your home or wherever there are compromised trees, your safety will always be at risk.

Here at High Point Trees we can remove those trees so that the area will become safer for everyone. We perform a thorough tree assessment first, undergo the required council approval and then perform our job using the best tools and machinery. We can even do an emergency tree removal if a tree has fallen or has become dangerous due to high winds and storms.

Seven Hills tree removal, maintenance and other services

Aside from tree removal, pruning and trimming, our expertise also includes the following:

  • Tree mulching
  • Shrub clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Vegetation management and removal
  • Site cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Bushfire hazard removal

Whether it’s for hazard removal or clearing the area in preparation for a residential, landscaping or commercial project, our tree management consultants can perform the job safely and neatly. We can safely and completely execute the job even if the trees and branches are located in difficult to access areas.

Contact us here today at High Point Trees if you require professional tree services. We have the expertise, labour and machinery to get the job done. You can now enquire online and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote for the services you might require.