Pymble Emergency Tree Service

Damaged trees whether due to an accident, storm, infestation or other natural causes should be dealt with right away. They might damage structures, power lines and vehicles and also cause injuries and fatalities. It’s crucial to completely remove the trees to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Pymble emergency tree service

Phone us now at 0412 333 013 and the High Point Trees will quickly arrive. It’s an emergency which is why we act quickly even if the site is difficult to access. We also make sure of safety by using our comprehensive checklist. Whether it’s a residential area or a commercial site near the Shopping Village, Pacific Highway or Bridge Street and West Street, we always handle the job professionally and leave the site clean and neat.

As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia, rest assured that the job will be done responsibly and according to the highest professional and safety standards. Residential, commercial and government clients choose us because of the way we complete each job. We completely remove the hazardous trees and stumps by using powerful equipment. During the waste disposal, we recycle as much as possible to minimise environmental impact.

Pymble emergency tree removal

Even if the weather’s far from ideal, we still find ways to get the job done especially if it’s an emergency. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind and help ensure their safety. It’s also our goal to prevent any disruption to our clients’ busy days.

Aside from tree and stump removal, clients also count on us for the following:

  • Land clearing for hazard removal or site preparation (for new landscape, outdoor kitchen, pergola, carport or home renovation and addition)
  • Reshaping or trimming a tree for clearing up obstacles around overhead service lines and improving visibility
  • Palm cleaning and removal (including removal of protruding spikes)
  • Weed control and gutter cleaning (and also tidying up the rooftop area)
  • Mulching to help regulate temperature and moisture on your garden soil (a natural way to maintain the garden)

We go through the right process of approval so that everything will be in order. Our team also takes extra care in minimising impact to the environment and wildlife, just as how the Dalrymple-Hay Nature Reserve, Sheldon Forest and Pymble Park are being maintained.

Phone us today at 0412 333 013 and the High Point Trees will do a free assessment and give you a fair quote. Rest assured that the job will be done responsibly and that the site will be totally clean and refreshing.