Hornsby Tree Removal and Maintenance

Hornsby has always been a busy commercial centre for more than a hundred years. Westfield Hornsby dominates the eastern side while there’s a traditional high street shopping village on the western side. Various industries are also present as well as residential areas with low to medium density housing.

Along with the busy commercial areas Hornsby also has attractive parks and gardens (Edgeworth David Garden, Lisgar Gardens, Ginger Meggs Park, Hornsby Quarry) and there are a number of schools that make the suburb a perfect place to settle down and raise a family.

Hornsby tree removal and maintenance

Aside from the facilities and amenities, trees also add to Hornsby’s attractiveness both to the residents and businesses. The place just feels more relaxing and natural if there are healthy green trees around.

Here at High Point Trees we’ve taken part in maintaining the health of many trees in Hornsby and surrounds. For 10+ years our team has been protecting the trees from further physical damage and infestation. As “tree doctors” we perform a thorough diagnosis before taking any action on the trees. Our team also does proper tree pruning and trimming for the following reasons:

  • Remove overgrown and overhanging branches that block the view or pose a risk to people and surrounding assets
  • Stimulate air circulation and new branch growth
  • Lower the tree’s height or shape the tree for better consistency (preparing the property for sale or evaluation)

Whether it’s for hazard removal, beautification or site preparation, we always comply with regulations and standards to ensure professional and neat work. We conform to the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees so rest assured each task is done properly.

Hornsby tree removal services

Our team also has the skills and machinery to completely remove trees and stumps. We handle both scheduled and emergency tree removal and leave the site clean and safe for everyone. Whether it’s for removing hazards (tree is heavily damaged or infested or the stump is a physical threat) or preparing the site for a landscaping or construction project, rest assured that the entire job will be done safely, professionally and responsibly. We do this no matter the size of the job:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Removal of wet and dry hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials (we recycle as much as possible)
  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management

As members of the National Arbour Society, we comply with all safety and environmental standards. We implement responsible practices every step of the way including disposal of the waste.

Contact us here at High Point Trees for any tree-related work (tree trimming, maintenance, inspection, removal, land clearing). For 10+ years this has been our focus and responsibility.