Greystanes Tree Removal

In the suburbs of Greystanes, it’s illegal to remove trees without first receiving the permission of the Cumberland City Council. If you’re a new or longtime resident in the area, the board was formerly known as the Holroyd City Council. The same rules apply.

High Point Trees provides a brief roadmap for completing a tree removal project without being penalized.

What Trees Are Protected?

Generally speaking, tree removal in Greystanes is regulated when you want to cut or prune a tree that’s 3.6 metres or 12 feet high. You will need to get written consent from the council before you hire our contractors.

Exemptions for Greystanes Council Tree Removal

There are some exemptions for tree removal in Greystanes. You do not need approval from the council for:
Exempt Trees – That Are Located 2 Metres Away From Residential Dwellings and Are 1 Metre Above Ground
Noxious Weeds – Find More Details Here
Dead or Dying Trees – A Notification Must Be Sent To The Council Get Confirmation About the Tree’s Status
Hazardous Trees – That Pose Grave Risks To Life and Property

Exemptions for Greystanes Council Tree Pruning

Similarly, you don’t need to fill out a tree removal application Greystanes form for clearing overhanging live branches on:
Hardscapes Such as Sidewalks and Pedestrian Crossways
Powerlines in Approved Buildings
Deadwood and Dead Palm Fronds
* Certain limitations apply in terms of how low a tree can be cut or pruned. Ask a certified arborist from High Point Trees for more details.

High Point Trees has sourced the application form for our clients in order to cut through the red tape – plus speed up the process of ridding your home of unsightly trees.

Here are the three steps you’ll need to take before scheduling services with High Point Trees:

Step 1: Download the Greystanes Council Tree Removal Form
Step 2: Bring the From to 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands, NSW 2160, or Mail to P.O. Box 42, Merrylands, NSW 2160
Step 3: Wait for the Approval Then Contact High Point Trees

The Rulebook for Greystanes Tree Removal

All guidelines for Greystanes tree service orders can be reviewed below:
Holroyd City Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 (Clause 5.9)
Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013 (Part A – Section 4)
Why You Should Always Hire a Professional for Tree Removal Greystanes Area
There are two main factors that every homeowner should consider before tackling a tree removal project. These are:
Residents’ and Neighbours’ Safety
Potential Disturbances to Utility Lines

Professional Arborists Who Are Always On Call
At High Point Trees, we know the ins and outs of how to carefully remove trees without causing interference to your power, water, and other utility lines. More importantly, we always put your safety first. To accomplish this, we keep up to date with the latest safety guidelines and industry trends. All of our arborists are fully trained and certified and we utilise the proper equipment to complete projects.

Get an Estimate for Tree Removal Greystanes NSW
High Point Trees gets to the root of your tree problem and offers timely solutions that will leave you satisfied.

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