Gordon Emergency Tree Service

Trees make the commercial area around the Pacific Highway and Gordon railway station feel more natural and friendly. Indeed trees are assets that add value and need to be protected. However, sometimes they can get compromised because of a storm, infestation and physical damage.

Gordon emergency tree service

Phone us today at 0412 333 013 and we’ll quickly remove the hazardous tree. Here at High Point Trees we use powerful equipment to completely remove the tree and stump. Our team of arborists also makes sure that the site is clean after the job. No mess left behind and the area will be safe for everyone.

We’re all about safety and following the right process here. Our team uses a detailed checklist of safety requirements to keep everyone safe and make sure the job will be completed on time. Even with the waste disposal we have detailed procedures so that it will be done responsibly. After the job you can still count on us and we’ll quickly resolve any concerns you may have.

Gordon emergency tree removal

This has been our specialisation for more than 10 years. Just as heritage-listed sites (Iolanthe, Tulkiyan, Eryldene Historic House and Garden) stand the test of time, here at High Point Trees we’ve built a long history of successful projects for residential, commercial and government clients.

Aside from tree and stump removal, our professional services also include:

  • Tree pruning and trimming (remove obstructions, stimulate branch and leaf growth, improve aesthetics)
  • Mulching (we deliver fresh batches of mulch)
  • Palm cleaning and removal (including getting rid of protruding spikes and fruits)
  • Weed control
  • Gutter cleaning (including cleaning up the rooftop area)
  • Bushfire management (removal of both dry and wet hazardous materials)
  • Vegetation management and site clean-up (whether for site prep or hazard removal)

The result will be a safe and clean site. Whether it’s for safety or new development, our team will ensure a job well done. The site will be refreshing to see because of the neat results.

Phone us now at 0412 333 013 for a prompt and professional service. We can do a free site assessment first and give you a free fair quote. We will then go through the proper approval process and make sure everything is handled properly and responsibly.