Dural Tree Removal and Maintenance

As part of the rapidly growing Hills District, Dural is not exempted from the fast-paced residential and commercial development. The completion of the Sydney Metro Northwest is sure to spread the progress as more individuals and investors will flock to the region. Also, Dural is just right beside Hornsby, which has always been a busy commercial centre for almost a century.

Decongestion will always be a trend in developed societies as we see that more and more infrastructure projects are getting concentrated in less serviced and less developed areas (but with a growing population that requires better services and amenities). Although Dural is already a good place for raising a family (e.g. with schools such as Dural Public School, Redfield College, Pacific Hills Christian School, Warrah Rudolf Steiner School), expect the suburb to become better because of the future opportunities and developments.

Dural tree removal and maintenance

To make that happen, it’s important to prepare the sites responsibly and professionally. This may require removing some trees and clearing the shrubs and bushes.

Here at High Point Trees we perform professional tree removal (whether for site preparation or hazard removal) in residential, commercial, government and public areas. We ensure complete and neat removal and even clean up the site so that it will be safe and ready for everyone.

Aside from tree and stump removal, our tree surgeons, arborists and crew also performs the following:

  • Removal of wet and dry hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials (we recycle as much as possible)
  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management

Every step of the way we minimise the impact to nearby ecosystems and make sure to establish a safe distance for the safety of people and passersby (and avoid damages to surrounding structures, overhead service lines, vehicles and other assets).

Dural tree trimming and maintenance

That’s also our approach when removing the damaged and diseased tree branches. We ensure the crew’s safety (especially when working at heights and against unfavourable weather) and observe all safety precautions in the vicinity.

Proper tree trimming is important in hazard removal and better aesthetics. Diseased and damaged branches might fall off anytime. On the other hand, overgrown and overhanging branches might be blocking the view or causing a nuisance to surrounding structures and overhead utility lines.

Tree trimming can also add beauty to a site (whether for a special event or a property evaluation). In large areas such as public parks, trimmed trees can give a better consistency to the entire place.

Contact us here today at High Point Trees if you require consistently neat results when it comes to tree work (removal, trimming, land clearing). For 10+ years people from the Hills District and Western Sydney call us whether it’s for hazard removal (emergency services are available) or site preparation.