Cranebrook Tree Removal and Maintenance

Largely a residential area and with awesome views of the Nepean River and the Blue Mountains, Cranebrook has become an ideal place for more than 15,000 people living in the area. Its huge distance from the Sydney CBD can also be seen as a blessing because we’re far from the busy atmosphere of the city.

There’s no need to go to the city though because there’s a commercial area on Borrowdale Way. Public transport is reasonably good and there are plenty enough schools in the suburb. The busy Penrith is also nearby so it’s no wonder why thousands of people choose to live and settle here.

Cranebrook tree removal and maintenance

Another good thing here is that trees are plenty and they make the place feel more relaxing and natural. Trees are huge assets that make the place liveable and feel friendly.

Here at High Point Trees, our friendly “tree doctors” focus on maintaining the health of important trees. We perform a thorough diagnosis and examine if the tree is diseased or compromised. We also have a crew (complete with relevant skills and machinery) who do tree trimming and pruning (while conforming to the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees). This tree maintenance is important for hazard removal, beautification and site preparation.

Rest assured that only ethical and environmental practices are being implemented. As members of the National Arbour Society, we always adhere to the highest standards in safety and professionalism.

Cranebrook tree removal services

Aside from tree maintenance, our team also has the capabilities and machinery to perform complete tree and stump removal. If the tree of concern is heavily damaged or infested, you can count on us to remove it safely and completely. Whether it’s a scheduled appointment or emergency request, High Point Trees can remove the hazard right away. We do this tree removal for site clearing and preparation as well. In line with this, our services also include the following:

  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management
  • Removal of dry and wet hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials

Contact us today if you want to ensure safety and professionalism in tree removal or maintenance. For more than 10 years High Point Trees has always been adhering to the highest standards of safety and responsibility.