Coogee Emergency Tree Service

The Coogee Arts Festival, The Island Challenge, The Annual Coogee Family Fun Day, Coogee Carols and the Putu Mayam Day add variety and colour to this active suburb. And when it comes to activity, it never fails to come to mind the Coogee teams that take part in Australia’s most popular sporting competitions.

People from Coogee and surrounds also love the Tasman Sea, Coogee Bay and beach that let us see as far as the horizon. The blue environment is a great contrast against the concrete urban environment in the city and commercial centres. Indeed, getting close to nature makes us feel relaxed and even makes places more liveable and enjoyable.

Coogee emergency tree service

It’s especially the case if we have a green environment. The trees are precious assets that actually raise the value of properties. However, sometimes trees have to be cut down because of safety concerns.

Here at High Point Trees we do the tree removal in the most professional and responsible way. Whether it’s after a storm, infestation or an accident, a tree might get compromised because of the impact and rotting. If you contact us, our team will be quick to act. We’ll bring powerful tools and machinery to get the job done.

For more than 10 years this has been our focus so rest assured that everything is done properly (including cleaning up the mess and leaving the site neat and safe). We also take this approach when doing the following:

  • Removal of wet and dry hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials (we recycle as much as possible)
  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management

Whether it’s for hazard removal or site preparation, our team will provide the labour and tools to remove the trees and other hazards.

Emergency tree removal Coogee

We are always fast to act because we understand the dangers of compromised trees and branches including fallen trees that will rot and might injure someone. If the compromised tree is in your property, the responsibility of what might happen is yours.

Let us help carry the responsibility by contacting our team. No matter what time you call we always have a responsive team to bear it all. With our promptness and professionalism, ensure timely removal of the dangerous tree including the stump.

We also do tree trimming and maintenance which is important in keeping the Coogee environment green whether it’s a residential, commercial or public area. We can assist you in speeding up and securing the authorisations required for completing the work. Rest assured also that the tree trimming will be done by tree surgeons who have dedicated their professional lives in studying trees.

Contact us here at High Point Trees for a professional tree service whether it’s an emergency tree removal, tree trimming or land clearing. As members of the National Arbour Society, we adhere to the highest professional, safety and environmental standards.