Box Hill Tree Removal

Box Hill might be the next development centre even though it’s on the Sydney’s rural outskirts (42 kilometres northwest of the Sydney central business district). The residential and commercial development in the nearby suburbs (especially Rouse Hill) paves the way for Box Hill to be the next centre of attention.

In fact, residential developments are up to speed especially along Alan Street, Mason Road and Terry Road. Also, more and more early-movers are eyeing Box Hill despite the prices being really high (the place now belongs to one of the most expensive suburbs in terms of property prices). For the coming years expect Box Hill to transform further because of more residential developments and future commercial opportunities.

Box Hill tree removal and maintenance

With progress comes along the need to remove some trees and clear the land. It’s a necessity to give way to new structures whether it’s a residential, commercial or public area.

Here at High Point Trees we’ve been doing tree removal for 10+ years. Through those years we’ve completed each job safely, efficiently and professionally. We even take care of the mess and waste disposal so that the site will be ready for the next phase of the project. Our professional services also include:

  • Shrub clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree mulching
  • Vegetation management
  • Site cleaning

Whether it’s a landscaping project or a residential development, our team has the necessary skills and machinery to complete the project.

Aside from site clearing and preparation, we also remove trees if they pose hazards to people and surrounding structures. It’s especially the case if the tree’s integrity is physically compromised due to a strong wind, accident, rotting or massive infestation.

Our team of expert arborists and tree surgeons will examine the tree’s health and integrity and then perform the necessary actions. We observe all safety precautions while removing the tree.

Box Hill tree trimming and maintenance services

It’s true that trees add value to any residential and commercial property. However, this takes ongoing work and maintenance to maintain the tree’s health and appearance.

Here at High Point Trees we do tree trimming in a safe manner. Our team has already worked on trees in crowded and difficult to access areas. Our assignments have also included working at heights and in many other unfavourable conditions (heat, unpleasant weather, high-traffic areas, sites with insects and animals).

Contact us here today at High Point Trees when it comes to tree work. We have complete skills and machinery to complete the job safely and efficiently.