Bella Vista Tree Removal

High Point Trees is a professional and affordable tree removal company servicing the Bella Vista area. Our team of dedicated tree surgeons are highly qualified, with most team members having an average of ten years’ experience in the successful removal and pruning of trees. Bella Vista is a beautiful suburb just 33 kilometres from the Sydney CBD, and the natural vegetation and trees provide the area with great character. The reality is that sometimes trees can become sick or damaged, resulting in significant risk to human safety.

Nobody understands the unique issues faced by Bella Vista residents better than High Point Trees. Whether your looking for tree removal or a simple prune to control growth, make us your first choice. We will visit your premises and carry out high-quality tree services which are quick, efficient and affordable. We are fully equipped with the latest equipment and mulchers to get the job done right, and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

If you have noticed any problem trees in your area, or if any trees exhibit the following signs, give us a call today.

  • Trees in poor health / Dead
  • Trees which present significant danger (overhanging limbs, uprooting etc)
  • Trees which have been subjected to storm damage
  • Trees in an unsuitable location on your property

We’re also here to help with tree maintenance services in Bella Vista

  • Routine Pruning
  • Height Reduction/Management of Trees
  • Tree/Bush Shaping for Improved Aesthetics
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Diseased Branch Removal

Will I need to obtain permission to remove trees in Bella Vista?

Yes, you will need to obtain permission. Trees are very important to the local area, as they contribute to the overall ambience/character, provide habitat for wildlife and provide shade for residents and visitors alike. The Hills Shire Council mandates that all private landholders who want to remove trees must lodge an application. The process is straightforward, and High Point Trees can assist you with any queries and help to hasten the process if you require urgent tree removal.

Pruning: You only need to complete an application if you want to prune more than 10% of the overall canopy. If you just want to give your trees a light trim whilst retaining more than 90% of the overall canopy, you do not require approval.

How do I obtain a permit?

For tree removal in Bella Vista, you need to download the Tree Management Application form from the Hills Shire Council website. There is a fee attached to the application, which can be paid either by cheque or money order.

Complete the form, and then mail it to the Hills Shire Council at:

The Hills Shire Council
3 Columbia Court, Norwest NSW 2153
P.O. Box 7064, Baulkham Hills BC 2153

What is the cost for tree removal Bella Vista?

For removal of up to 3 trees, the fee is $110 per tree as stated within the Hills District Tree and Bushland Management Plan. If you wish to remove further trees, these will be charged at the rate of $36.60 each.

For a comprehensive overview of all fees and charges, download the Hills Shire Plan 2018/19.

Are any trees exempt from approval?

Some trees do not require approval, and you can prune/lop/cut these species at will. Examples of exempt trees include the following:

  • Box Elder
  • Broad Leaved Privet
  • Cocos Palm
  • Evergreen Alder
  • False Acacia/Black Locust
  • Honey Locust
  • Indian Rubber Tree
  • Lombardy Poplar
  • Rhus Tree
  • Small Leaved Privet
  • Sweet Pittosporum
  • Umbrella Tree
  • Weeping Willow
  • Wild Olive

Bella Vista Tree Removal – Will you cut trees without a permit?

Absolutely not. High Point Trees respect the wishes of council and want to maintain the landscape in Bella Vista. Before we commence our tree services, you will need to present the permit to us.

Removing trees without a permit can result in fines of up to $1.1 million.

Species Identification – High Point Trees

It can sometimes be difficult to determine the exact species of trees which you have on your property. If you are unsure, pick up the phone and give us a call. We will carry out a thorough investigation and provide you with an accurate ID.

This provides you with peace of mind, and you will know exactly what you can/cannot prune or cut. If you are found to have cut down a preserved species you may be subjected to legal action, and this can easily be avoided by seeking a professional ID.

Storm Damaged Trees Bella Vista

Storms can wreak havoc on trees, resulting in precarious situations, dropped limbs and uprooting. It is important that any trees affected by storms are removed immediately, and High Point Trees will be happy to assist.

You still need to obtain approval – so please firstly contact the Hills Shire Council on 02 9483 0555. In emergency situations they will provide immediate approval, then all you need to do is call us for a quick response.

Bella Vista Tree Services – Contact High Point Trees Today!

High Point Trees are your one stop shop for all tree maintenance and removal needs. We are fully qualified and insured, and you can expect prompt, reliable and affordable service from us always. We’re available 24/7, so pick up the phone and call us for an obligation free quote on 0412 333 013 – we look forward to assisting you.