Baulkham Hills Tree Removal and Maintenance

It’s a reasonable commute to work or uni from here at Baulkham Hills. Indeed, the suburb is close but not too close to the CBD. With that reasonable distance, people have easy access to the City while still having a breath of fresh air daily.

But getting to the CBD might not be needed at all. With the Norwest Business Park nearby and the Stockland Baulkham Hills (located on the intersection of Windsor Road and Old Northern Road, with major stores plus 70+ specialty shops), Baulkham Hills almost has it all. And to take a complete break from the fast-paced city living, beautiful parks such as the Bidjigal Reserve and Crestwood Reserve are enough to make you feel refreshed and recharged.

Baulkham Hills tree removal and maintenance

But for that break and relaxation to happen, a decent number of trees should be present in the parks and reserves. In fact, a modern and sustainability-committed place such as Baulkham Hills is about having trees everywhere even in major business centres. This way the entire place will remain beautiful and feeling natural for everyone despite the modernity and high level of commercial activity.

Here at High Point Trees we make that happen by handling the tree trimming and other related works. We remove diseased and damaged branches to keep the trees looking green and beautiful. This tree trimming is also important for the following reasons:

  • Safety (damaged branches might fall off anytime and injure people)
  • Avoiding damage to surrounding structures and overhead service lines
  • Better view (branches might have overgrown or overhang thereby blocking the views)
  • Lowering the tree’s height for better aesthetics, consistency and safety
  • Shaping the tree for a better look (perhaps you’re preparing the site for an event or property evaluation to prospects)

Baulkham Hills stump and tree removal

Aside from tree trimming, our team of arborists and tree surgeons here at High Point Trees also does tree removal (with scheduled and emergency services available). We do the emergency removal when the tree has fallen off (partially or completely) due to a storm or strong winds. We can also remove the hazardous tree if massive signs of infestation suddenly appeared.

Our clients also request complete tree and stump removal for preparing a site for a landscaping, residential, commercial or industrial project. Aside from the tree and stump removal, we take care of the following as well:

  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management
  • Removal of dry and wet hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials

Whether it’s hazard removal or site preparation, the High Point Trees team has the necessary machinery and skills to safely and neatly complete the job. Our arborists or tree surgeons also implement responsible practices from the tree work up to the waste disposal (recycling the materials as much as possible).

This has been our commitment for 10+ years. Contact us here today if you require a professional tree service (tree trimming, maintenance, palm tree cleaning, tree removal, stump grinding, site cleanup).