Bankstown Tree Removal and Maintenance

With a humid subtropical climate, healthy and green trees are a blessing here at Bankstown. Whether it’s the residential or commercial area, healthy trees have added more beauty to this suburb. And yes, the suburb is never complete without the Bankstown Central Shopping Centre and the aviation and engineering industries (Bankstown Airport) plus the small industrial operations where few trees here and there add a natural feel.

The Bankstown Oval, Paul Keating Park and McLeod Reserve give us a temporary break from the hustle and bustle here in Bankstown and from the city. Notice that they give that break and bring us closer to nature because of the trees present.

Bankstown tree maintenance

Trees have a high value because they help beautify the place and even cool the area. Although asphalt and concrete and dominating our developed suburb, trees will always be present to provide us with that natural home feel.

Here at High Point Trees we contribute to the maintenance of those beautiful trees. For more than 10 years we’ve been doing our best to save the trees and maintain their health and beauty. Our tree doctors do a thorough examination of the tree for infestation and vulnerability. Then we remove the compromised branches to stop the spread of damage and disease. We also do this to improve the appearance of the tree whether in a residential or commercial area.

Bankstown tree removal

Aside from tree trimming and maintenance, our team is also experienced in doing safe and responsible tree removals. Whether it’s for site preparation or hazard removal, we have the right tools and machinery to get the job done.

Our professional services also include:

  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Removal of wet and dry hazardous material
  • Site cleanup and recycling of materials (we recycle as much as possible)
  • Shrub clearing
  • Land clearing
  • Tree mulching
  • Bushfire hazard removal
  • Vegetation management

As members of the National Arbour Society we always adhere to the highest safety and environmental standards. We ensure neat results while keeping everyone safe. Contact us today if you want professionals to handle the hazardous tree work.