Balmain East Emergency Tree Service

A tree in your Balmain East property might have fallen down or got compromised because of a storm, physical impact or interior rotting and infestation. The hazard should be removed immediately and completely before it causes any harm to people or damage to nearby structures, power lines, vehicles and other assets.

Trees bring life to Simons Point and to both residential and commercial areas of Balmain East. But those same trees can also be a cause for danger to everyone. In this case those trees should be properly assessed and maintained and before doing the pruning and trimming everything should go through the right process (with the necessary paperwork and approval).

Balmain East emergency tree service

Whether it’s tree removal (emergency or scheduled) or tree maintenance, you can phone us anytime here at High Point Trees (0412 333 013 and get free advice and free no-obligation quote). We have arborists on standby 24/7 and rest assured that the tree will be immediately removed because we only use powerful tools and machinery.

Our team will totally remove the tree, stump and debris and leave the site clean and spotless. The site will be safe and hazard-free. We also make sure that during the job both our crew and passersby will remain safe. We use cherry pickers, scissor lifts, excavators, chainsaws, wood chippers and other appropriate equipment to safely and efficiently get the job done.

We’re fast to respond and act even if the tree of concern is difficult to access and work on. Even if weather conditions are unfavourable, we find ways to get the job done on time. When it comes to pricing, we remain cost-competitive and reasonable. It’s one of the many reasons why clients (including homeowners, contractors, developers, Council members) choose High Point Trees when it comes to tree removal, maintenance and other related works.

Balmain East emergency tree removal

Aside from removing trees, our team also does the following:

  • Land clearing for hazard removal or site preparation (new landscape, new residential, commercial or industrial structure)
  • Reshaping a tree for decoration or clearing up obstacles around overhead service lines
  • Palm cleaning and removal
  • Weed control and gutter cleaning
  • Mulching to help regulate temperature and moisture on your garden soil

Phone us today at 0412 333 013 for a free quote and advice on your tree concern. We will guide you through fast Council approval if needed and make sure the site will be clear after the job.