Is Your Tree Dangerous? Here’s How to Find Out

What are the chances your tree will fall over and injure someone or damage your house? If it’s a normal day and the tree is just 10 to 30 years old, the chances are really low. But the risks get a lot higher if there’s a storm or strong winds. Also, as trees age they become more vulnerable to pests and fungi. The branches and trunk would then get weak and compromised.

Even if the bulk of the tree doesn’t fall over, the falling branches could be equally dangerous. Just the right impact and angle could cause serious property damages, injuries and even fatalities. Even if the tree is healthy in general, a few branches might have become hollow, rotten or damaged because of fungi and insects. These will make some points of the branches to become vulnerable and easy to be broken down (by gravity or strong winds).

Proximity to your property & other people

Aside from the tree’s condition itself, identifying and estimating the risks are also about whether the falling tree or branches will hit something or not. If the tree falls over and the distance and angle are just right, the situation gets more dangerous. It’s a similar case when weak and damaged branches fall. It could be dangerous for people whenever they approach a tree or a nearby site.

Even if the tree is perfectly healthy (fresh green leaves and thick and healthy trunks and branches), its proximity to your property and other people still poses some risks. If the wind gets strong enough or there’s an accidental impact, the tree or its branches then become compromised.

How to accurately assess the risk

Trees and external conditions can be unpredictable. Also, it can be hard to assess the tree’s true health and if it’s in a state of decline. Time flies fast and before you know it, the tree’s trunk is already rotten or hollow. Before you notice any obvious signs of danger, it might be already too late.

Is your tree dangerous? A sure way to find out is by consulting a local arborist. He or she can then advise you of the best way to remove the tree. The local arborist can also guide the process of safe tree removal (or just some pruning and maintenance to minimise risks and improve the tree’s health).

For instance, here at High Point Trees we can accomplish that. Our local arborists and tree removal experts prioritise safety every step of the way. We also implement responsible means of tree removal and waste disposal. This has been our commitment for over 10 years. Call us today at 0412 333 013 if you want a prompt and affordable service.