Is It Time to Repurpose Your Outdoor Area?

Often we invest much of our money in improving our home interior and indoors (the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom). After all most of our activities such as cooking, studying and sleeping are spent inside our homes.

But what about the outdoor area? Take note that it can take up to half of your total property size (e.g. 250sqm of your 500sqm property). Your outdoor area is a huge untapped opportunity when it comes to improvement and further raising your property’s value and appeal.

Begin with repurposing your outdoor area

Right now perhaps your outdoor area is mostly vacant lot with some trees, plants and bushes. However, its potential is far from the fullest because it still lacks some function and design. Or, your outdoor area has been looking the same for almost a decade now. You want it to be different this time just like how you’ve remodelled your bathroom recently.

The first step then is to have a fresh start of the area. Often it begins with site assessment and land clearing (starting from a clean slate). For instance, there might be dead or diseased trees in the area which are both eyesores and hazards. Or, there are just unwanted trees and vegetation that don’t fit into your plans or vision for your property.

Whether you want to repurpose your outdoor area for a new garden or you want to plant new crops (e.g. organic and sustainable farming), it all starts with identifying which of the things should be removed and which of them should be kept intact. This way, there will be minimal changes and damages to the site and your property.

Site assessment & land clearing services

To accomplish this, many property owners hire an expert team to do the job. First, there should be a fully licensed and qualified arborist on the team. That’s because arborists (also known as tree surgeons) are very knowledgeable in the care, management and cultivation of shrubs and trees. In cases when trees should be removed from the area (tree and stump removal), they can perform it safely and with minimal disturbance to you and the community.

Here at High Point Trees our tree surgeons have been safely and effectively handling those kinds of jobs for more than 10 years. With industry leading practices, training, equipment and maintenance strategies, we can help you make a fresh start on your outdoor area by land clearing and removing all the unwanted trees and vegetation from the site. Phone us today at 0412 333 013 for a free advice and a no-obligation quote.