In the Spotlight: Arborist Project in Winston Hills

The Hills District is located in the north-west region of Sydney and contains suburbs that reside in The Hills Shire, Hornsby Shire, Blacktown and Parramatta districts. Connecting to the Cumberland Plain and Hornsby Plateau, the Hills District impresses with wide mountain ranges, deep forestry and bushlands that provide a stunning view of the whole area.

With so many beautiful native trees, there are times when the needs of a local suburb conflict with nature. At this property in Winston Hills, our arborists were faced with a tree that suffered from – what could only be described as – an identity crisis.

Our team of licensed arborists were happy to do an obligation free meeting and do tree pruning for their home in Sydney. As local experts in tree services for all of the Hills District, we arrived on time and equipped to handle the situation on the same day.


Free Consultation

Upon arriving at the house, our team assessed the area and inspected the condition of the tree.

We met with the client and discussed their particular concerns in great detail.

To plan the project, our team took photographs of the tree and marked which sections we felt should be removed. The client agreed to the conditions and we immediately started to work.


Why the Tree Needed Pruning

Based on the location of the tree, it had been pruned on one side to make room for the nearby powerlines.

While it was important for the tree to avoid making contact with the powerlines, it left the tree looking uneven and not visually appealing. There was also a risk of uneven weight distribution causing the tree to start slanting.

Our team of arborists in Winston Hills decided to prune the left section of the tree, which would encourage new growth and reshape the branches.


Our Tree Pruning Process

Our team safely accessed the tree with a harness and gradually removed the branches individually. We worked together to collect the branches as they were pruned, and ensured all nearby pedestrians were at a safe distance from the area.

All sections of the tree were collected by our team and deposited into a truck to be processed at the nearest landfill. We also made sure the site was spotless and safe for pedestrians to access.


Another Happy Customer

The client was very happy with the results. By pruning the tree, the property owner could get a better view of their surroundings. And they could look forward to the branches growing back over the next year.

Most importantly, the tree was no longer an eyesore and greatly enhanced the look of the property.


Available in the Hills District

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