How much does it cost to remove a tree in Sydney?

If you are considering having a tree removed or more than one and have gotten approval if it is needed, you might now be looking into the costs of this kind of work. Before you hire just anyone, make sure you look at experienced and trained professionals so you know everything is done safely and correctly. Here is a look at factors that affects pricing for tree removal in Sydney.


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Factors that have an impact on pricing

You can expect to spend anywhere from $300 to more than $8000 for tree removal jobs and below are the factors that affect that pricing;


The condition the tree is in

Diseased trees are more difficult to work with as they are more dangerous to climb and that means other equipment like cherry pickers or cranes are required. This then puts the cost up for the removal.


How many trees need removing and height

If you need more than one tree removed that also puts the costs up, it means more time or more people or both. Bigger trees need more people to remove and each with their own equipment needs so all of that adds to the overall cost of removal. The bigger the tree the more it costs to remove.


Tree Height Vs # of Trees


  3M 5M 7M 9M 12M
1 tree $100 $280 $400 $600 $750
2 trees $170 $450 $680 $750 $1250
3 trees $250 $650 $790 $1200 $1600
4 trees $340 $850 $1200 $1650 $2000
5 trees $420 $950 $1400 $2100 $2400
6 trees $500 $1200 $1750 $2350 $2800


What type of tree it is

The type of tree affects how it is handled, the waste from some trees cannot be recycled and hardwood trees tend to be harder to process than sofer trees. Tree removal, Sydney costs go up as a result.


Access to the Property

Trees that are hard to get to where certain equipment cannot reach become more costly to remove as it means more manual work. Other things to consider are whether stairs are involved, obstacles to get around, if the property is on a steep incline, if it is on the waterfront, if limbs of the tree are over a structure.



Is the situation an emergency

If the need for removal is an emergency that demands a swift response that usually results in additional costs.



Waste removal

A lot of tree services will bill separately for the removal of the waste generated during the tree removal process. If you choose to have the waste left there so you can use it to burn for example that would save some money.



It is common for clients to tips their tree removal service so that should be calculated into your costs.


Removal of the stump

In most cases, stump removal is a separate service that you can choose to have and add to the overall cost, or choose not to have at that time.



Qualifications and skills of your tree service company

The charges a tree removal, Sydney-based service will make depend on a few things personal to that service. Experience, qualifications, whether they have a trained Aborist, the equipment they have and so on. Most will be happy to offer free quotes so you can compare your options.