Garden Maintenance Tips for Christmas

Garden Maintenance Tips for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means getting ready for the big day. You’re probably scrambling to buy presents for the family and planning the Christmas lunch menu. Among all this chaos, maintaining your garden is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you’re hosting a family gathering, you’ll want to leave a good impression and avoid the personal embarrassment of having a messy garden.

And with summer jumping into action, there’s always the risk of wild weather causing trouble in your neighbourhood. Therefore, you want your trees to be maintained and ready for anything.

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your garden this year, there’s an easier way. High Point Trees is your local tree removal and garden maintenance specialists across Sydney. No matter how messy or unruly your garden is, we can transform your outdoor space into something you’ll be proud to show the family.

Fire Hazard Prevention

As the weather heats up, the threat of bushfires looms over regional parts of Australia and the outer suburbs.

Land clearing is an eco-friendly and effective way to lower the threat of bushfires. By removing unwanted trees, dry vegetation and shrubs from the premise, the fire cannot burn as quickly and can help to lower the chances of spreading.

High Point Trees have access to land clearing equipment that can safely remove large stretches of trees, stumps and vegetation. This way, you can relax knowing your property is safe from bushfires this holiday season.

Mowing the Lawn

Your front lawn is the first thing the family sees when they arrive at your place. What better way to welcome your loved ones than with a freshly cut lawn?

Despite being one of the most obvious maintenance jobs, mowing your lawn can be more time-consuming than your first suspect.

If you don’t have the time or your lawnmower is in bad shape, High Point Trees can beautify your garden. Let us trim the grass, pull out the weeds, and ensure your garden looks perfect for the big day.

Tree Maintenance and Removal

The Australian summer puts a lot of pressure on our local trees. From extreme wind to tropical storms, unfortunately, some trees don’t live to tell their tale of survival.

To give your trees a fighting chance against extreme weather, we recommend pruning and trimming them regularly. This not only lowers the risk of the tree leaning or collapsing, it makes your outdoor space less cluttered and may stop the spread of harmful disease.

Do you have a tree that’s reaching the end of its lifespan? Our arborists can safely remove the tree before it becomes a major problem.

Gutter Cleaning

Each year, your gutters build-up a large collection of debris. From leaves to tree branches, dirt, and rubbish – this mixture is a recipe for disaster.

Eventually, this waste blocks the flow of water and causes the water to disperse into other areas of the roof. From there, water can penetrate through the rooftop and cause a leak inside the house.

To avoid this problem, we recommend having your gutters professionally cleaned at least once a year. Our team can safely access the roof and use high pressure washers to effectively remove any kind of debris.

Land Clearing

Is the warm weather getting you in the mood for a landscaping project? Before grabbing your supplies, you may need to clear some space first.

Land clearing is an eco-friendly and effective way to remove unwanted vegetation. It also reduces the risk of a bushfire spreading through your plot of land. Whether you need to remove a decaying tree, clear out a large patch of shrubs or want to clear the entire vegetation then make a fresh start – we can make it happen.

High Point Trees have access to land clearing equipment for the same removal of trees, shrubs, vegetation, and stumps. We can also mulch the leftover waste so you can re-use it for your next gardening project.

Need some help with tree removal and garden maintenance in Sydney over the Christmas period?

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