Australian Summer Tree and Garden Maintenance

Australian summers are hot. We can take ourselves into a pool, the sea, or air-conditioned buildings. Our plants and trees on the other hand need help. Tree care and plant care in the summer are essential or they can die. This is more than just watering them more often. Things like pruning, health assessments, storm preparation and fire safety steps are also important. Here are some tips on keeping your trees healthy during those hot Australian months and your property safe.

Tree pruning

Pruning your trees is something to do in the early summer, not when you are in the middle of the peak hottest days. It will help your trees to thrive and it is part of keeping them fire safe and storm safe. Trees that need pruning in the summer are those that blossom in the spring, ones with overhanging branches or that are top-heavy and those with infestations. It is important to employ the help of expert Sydney tree services so that you trim the right trees at the right time as there are some that should not be touched in the summer months unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Crucial fire safety steps

Part of your tree care is to make your property safe in case of a fire. Fires are a big summer problem in Australia in recent years. More property owners need to take steps with their properties. This means lopping overhanging tree branches, trimming away foliage from bushes and trees, removing dry green property waste and making sure there is enough distance between hazards on your land and the house. A tree expert or arborist can help advise you through the process.

Preparing for summer storms

Summer storms are another thing we Australians have to prepare for. They can be quite hard on your tree. Be proactive with your preparation and make sure trees are trimmed and pruned, and that there is no risk of unhealthy trees falling or branches falling. Contact a tree service for proper tree care to get the best results.

Assessing your trees for their health

Another way to prepare for the summer heat is to have your trees assessed by an arborist to check their health. Things like damage, disease and infestations can mean they struggle more in the summer because they are already weakened. An expert can look at soil conditions and such too to see what is affecting the stability and health of your trees.

Removing hazardous trees and stumps

If a tree is hazardous then it needs to be removed for your safety and the safety of anyone else around it. The sooner you can take that tree out, the sooner you can perhaps put in a new healthy sapling to take its place, or use the space for something else. If it does need removing that is something you need to leave to Sydney tree services. You can also remove tree stumps to keep the garden healthy as they can continue to take nutrients out of the soils and take water the rest of the trees and plant life need.