Why tree cutting at home can be dangerous

It might look like quite a simple thing, cutting down a tree, but actually, there are many things to think about, and the bigger the tree the more complicated the process. That is why sometimes calling in a professional tree service is the best thing you can do for your trees and land. It takes learning, experience and the right equipment and tools. It is not just cutting a tree and letting it fall down. There are safety risks and DIY raises the danger because you are not trained and you do not have the right items. Before you hire a chainsaw that you have never or rarely used here are some things to consider.

1) Climbing ladders

If you need to climb or use a ladder to remove limbs from the tree then this is a tree too large for DIY removal and you should call in an expert. It is dangerous to be climbing trees with a chainsaw, you are likely to lose control of the chainsaw, or you could lose your balance on the ladder. Either way, a serious injury is possible. Another problem with ladders is that when they are not placed correctly this can cause danger. If the ladder is not at the right height this is also a risk.

2) Faulty or incorrect tools

Using the wrong equipment for this kind of work or poorly looked after equipment like blunt axes, dull chainsaws and such is really dangerous when tree cutting. As well as the chances of an accident happening increasing from the blunt or bad tool, you are more likely to lose your balance with them. You also need the right safety gear doing such work, safety glasses, a hard hat, pants, gloves, boots and such. With how much money you need to spend doing it right, it makes sense to just invest in a professional service.

3) Mishandling chainsaws

Using a chainsaw to cut down a tree is a dangerous business and takes skill and practice. There are the angles of the cut to think about, where to place the notches before you start cutting, weight distribution and more. It takes expert control of a chainsaw to get done.

4) Not enough personal experience or knowledge

A lack of knowledge and experience is what leads to more accidents when people choose to cut themselves rather than call a tree service.

5) Making common miscalculations

Another common error is that people do not take the time to make the necessary calculator in order to do it right. There is a lot of maths involved taking into account issues such as the tree height as well as the trunk’s diameter and the angles you need to cut at.

6) Falling branches and tree limbs

Branches that might be decayed or damaged are a danger when you cut down a tree. They are a risk not just to your own safety but also to any property, power lines and other things close by. Getting them safely to the ground might require a rope and pulley system that tree cutting experts are experienced with.