Why is Yearly Tree Maintenance So Important in Schools?

Yearly tree maintenance is important as trees that are not properly cared for can become unstable and dangerous.


Dead trees and dead wood in trees need pruning as they pose a dangerous risk to kids, branches can weaken and fall on children causing serious harm or injuries.

Ice and other weather conditions can significantly impact the strength and structure of branches, they can weaken the branches at the root and cause them to be likely to fall. This happens over a period of time so annual reviews of the trees can indicate whether a branch is at risk of falling and the branches can be cut down.

Dead trees are dangerous as once the wood starts to rot it becomes very fragile and susceptible to snapping and breaking off and totally collapsing altogether, this is a huge risk to children and could be life-threatening If they were caught underneath one.


The dead wood in trees need pruning because otherwise, the deadwood can spread to the rest of the tree compromising its stability.

A tree specialist can look for signs of disease in trees such as changes in bark patterns, hanging limbs, or dead limbs, this can help get to the root of the cause and eradicate it before it spreads.

It is important to regularly have trees locked at regularly and it’s important to ensure the necessary maintenance is undertaken on them. It is also advisable for the lower branches to be removed on school premises; this discourages children from being tempted to climb on the trees.

There are 100 fatalities a year due to people falling from trees they have climbed so this is a very important aspect of tree maintenance at schools.


Why is Yearly Tree Maintenance So Important in Schools?

It can sometimes be necessary to completely fell trees, and this has occurred in several schools already, dead trees pose a huge risk as do other trees with disease within them. A trained tree surgeon knows the correct signs to spot.  A person without the expertise can see if a tree is very badly damaged, by this point the tree is very dead and a dire emergency. A tree surgeon, however, has to delve deeper into a tree to discover whether it has an infection that can be sealed off to prevent further spread.

Trees that have fungi growing around it are more often than not, dead or dying. This is a very common sign of problems with a tree which can be seen without any prior knowledge of the topic.

Another sign, which is commonly known, can be seen by observing the bark on a tree. When the bark is crackling and peeling off this usually means that the tree has suffered from a very severe infection and is probably beyond help as the infection is deep rooted within the tree. Whether it’s felling trees or pruning out infection, hiring a tree surgeon is well worth it and important to protect children in schools.