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Palm Tree Removal Sydney

Remove, Prune or Relocate

Palm Tree Removal Sydney

Palm Tree Removal Sydney  

The Arecaceae or palm family has an impressive line-up of species, including the Cocos Palm which flourishes with very little work. Its flexibility is quite noticeable by the bent trunks we often see or the delicate fronds that sway gently with the wind. At High Point Trees, we recommend trimming and pruning palm trees every so often – to minimise hazards and maintain the tree’s natural beauty.

When Sydney Palm Trees Do More Harm Than Good

Palm trees are undeniably beautiful and provide us with a lot of benefits, including shade, oxygen, and cleaner air. Sometimes, though, homeowners in Sydney become frustrated by the many nuisances they bring.

Here are a few examples why landowners make the decision to remove palm trees in Sydney:

  • Prevent Liability Claims – When the fruits of palm trees land on the ground, they pose a great risk of slips and falls to passersby. If you have neither time nor energy to clear paths around your home on a regular basis, your best bet is to remove Sydney palm trees once and for all.
  • Bask in Quiet Enjoyment – Fruits falling on metal roofs, which is the standard of choice in many parts of Australia, are noisy and disruptive. Enjoy peace and quiet at home by opting for other types of tree species. High Point Trees is happy to suggest the best types of trees for quiet enjoyment after a palm tree removal in Sydney.
  • Keep Pets Safe – Fruits from palm trees contain tiny doses of ethanol. If these were eaten by pets in large quantities, the potential side effects may include constipation, diarrhea, and even hospitalisation. Several studies show that Sago Palms, particularly, are toxic for different breeds of cats and dogs. If you’re a new pet owner who is concerned about your pet snacking on palm tree fruits, we can eliminate this health threat in a timely manner – by removing the palm.
  • Manage Pests – It’s no secret that fruit-bearing trees attract insects and pests. Palm tree owners in Sydney must be vigilant about clearing fruit droppings on a tight schedule to keep insects at bay. High Point Trees is able to put together a plan-of-action that’s completely manageable, whether this means regular trimming or palm tree removal in Sydney yards.

Palm Tree Cleaning

Take Back Control – Remove Aggressive, Hardy, and Intrusive Palm Tree Removal Sydney Species

Keep your yard looking beautiful and well-manicured year-round with the help of High Point Trees. Our insured and certified arborists have the skills and know-how to dismantle high-maintenance palm trees in Sydney, Australia, including those existing in no drop zones.

From adolescent palms to tall and mature palms, we handle it all. We can also help with lifting and be relocating beautiful palm trees to more appropriate locations.

High Point Trees also leaves your property in better shape than we found it. We clean up every last bit of debris left over from uprooted palm trees, down to the very last berry.

Palm Tree Removal Services in Sydney

Replant Low-Maintenance Palm Trees in Sydney, NSW

If you love the beachy optics that palm trees bring, but existing ones take up too much of your time, know there are many types of low-maintenance palm trees in Sydney. These can be replanted in place of the dismantled Sydney palm tree.

High Point Trees is happy to recommend more independent palm tree species that are native to Sydney, just like the:

  • Alexandria
  • Bangalow
  • Kentia
  • Livingstonia

Book Palm Tree Surgeons or Palm Tree Removal Sydney, NSW

Getting the help you need to remove tall and hefty Arecaceae trees is right in the palm of your hands.

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