Tree Removal Cost: What Can You Expect To Pay?

There are a few things to consider when looking at the cost of removing a tree from your property. Tree size and type is a factor, where your location is, what is included with the service are all additional things to consider. Smaller trees can range from $150 to $1000, medium trees from $500 to $5000 and then really large and old trees or more dangerous trees it could be $3500 or more. Here is a look at the cost of tree removal in a bit more detail.

Questions you need to be prepared to answer

Before you start calling different tree services there is some information they will need in order to give you a more accurate quote. This information includes;

  • The type of tree you want removing
  • How wide the girth of the tree is at its largest point
  • A rough estimate on the height of the tree
  • What kind of access there is to the tree?
  • Are the roots raised and causing damage to the ground around it or to a building nearby?
  • Is the tree diseased, dead or alive?
  • Are there obstacles to accessing the tree like stairs, or a slope?
  • Is there a chance that mains or gas is underground and close to the tree?
  • Will the tree removal cause issues with a public road or path?
  • Are you wanting the stump removed too and if yes how do you want it removed?
  • Could wide machinery get close to the tree and can the truck and chipper park close by?
  • Is the job a priority perhaps because of a storm?
  • Do you want the cuttings removed or kept for firewood or to use as mulch?

Tree removal cost

As mentioned the larger the tree the bigger the cost to remove it because it takes longer, more manpower and more equipment and planning. The harder it is to access, the more complications there are to get around, the more it costs. Tree removal includes climbing the tree, lopping the branches, cutting it down. Then you get charged extra for mulching, taking the wood away, and removing the stump. A big tree is not just the tallest tree. This takes into account the height as well as the girth. A large tree is one that is taller than a two-story house and has a girth that is larger than your hands can meet when you place them around it.