West Pymble Emergency Tree Service

Removing a hazardous tree is an urgent job which is why we’re fast to act here at High Point Trees. No matter where you are in West Pymble you can phone us now at 0412 333 013 for a fast and professional tree service.

West Pymble emergency tree service

Whether the site is at or near the Philip Mall, Gordon West Shops, Lane Cove National Park, Kendall Street, Lofberg Road or the Bicentennial Park, you can always count on us here at High Point Trees. Aside from our prompt response and action, residential customers, contractors and asset managers choose us because of our high standards and the way we really complete each job.

Tree-related works are messy especially if we have to cut down hazardous trees and totally remove the stumps. Lots of debris will result and have to be thrown out. Here our team will clean up the site so that it will be neat and safe. We’ll also do the proper waste disposal so that you won’t have to worry about it.

West Pymble emergency tree removal

We bring powerful tools to the site so that we can do it quickly and efficiently. Even if the site is hard to access, we have our standard ways of completing the job and doing so safely. We avoid injuries and damage to structures and automobiles.

Aside from the usual removal of hazardous trees and stumps (whether physically damaged or infested), we also do the following:

  • Land clearing for hazard removal or site preparation (for new landscape, outdoor kitchen, pergola, carport or home renovation and addition)
  • Reshaping or trimming a tree for clearing up obstacles around overhead service lines and improving visibility
  • Palm cleaning and removal (including removal of protruding spikes)
  • Weed control and gutter cleaning (and also tidying up the rooftop area)
  • Mulching to help regulate temperature and moisture on your garden soil (a natural way to maintain the garden)

We respect each property which is why we work neatly. Our team also pays attention to the safety of the site before we leave. This way the site will truly be safe and ready whether you’ll just leave it vacant and empty or you’re preparing it for a new development.

As members of the National Arbour Society, we follow the highest professional standards in our work including making sure everything is according to Council regulations. Securing the necessary approval can be complex and time consuming, which is why our team also assists clients with the necessary paperwork.

Phone us now at 0412 333 013 if you want to get it over with quickly and move on to something else. You can always count on us here at High Point Trees if you value professionalism and neat results.