Parramatta Tree Removal and Maintenance

Often considered as the second central business district of Sydney, commercial structures are everywhere here in Parramatta. The whole place feels vibrant thanks to the Westfield Parramatta and as being the major transport hub for Western Sydney. Add to that the numerous shops and restaurants found along the Church Street and the amazing parks (Parramatta Park adjacent to the stadium, Prince Alfred Square).

The River City is serviced by the Parramatta ferry wharf and buses (Metrobus, free bus Route 900). And wait for the Sydney Metro West which will help decongest traffic and facilitate faster travel. With more than 25,000 people plus others coming from other suburbs, Parramatta is just starting in its path to progress and sustainability.

Parramatta tree removal and maintenance

To pursue progress and sustainability, it’s now being a shared responsibility to take care of the trees. After all, these natural assets add more value to residential, commercial and public areas. However, there are times when these trees become a hazard.

If the trees’ branches overhang or brush against a home, overhead service lines or commercial building, those branches should be removed. It’s also the case when the branches block visibility in streets and intersections. The removal of branches will lead to better safety for everyone in the vicinity (lower risks for people, structures and vehicles).

Aside from better safety, removal of diseased, overgrown and damaged branches can result to the following:

  • Encourage new growth and promote circulation
  • Lower the tree’s height
  • Remove branches that block awesome views
  • Shape the tree for a better look to better prepare your site for visitors

Here at High Point Trees we can safely complete the job and make the site free from the mess. Our trained arborists or tree surgeons have the skills and machinery to remove the compromised branches in residential, commercial and public areas.

Parramatta tree removal 24/7

Aside from tree maintenance, our team also does tree removal (scheduled and emergency) to improve site safety or clear the area. Whether it’s for hazard removal or site preparation for new landscaping or construction, our tree surgeons will first assess the risks and then implement all safety practices when removing the tree.

This requires a high level of expertise because the risks are always there (e.g. working at heights, falling branches, exposure to sun and heat, inaccessible and crowded areas, possible tree infestation). As a result, many Parramatta residents and business owners choose our team to perform various kinds of tree work.

Aside from tree removal and maintenance, our services also include:

  • Shrub clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree mulching
  • Vegetation management
  • Site cleaning

As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia, we do each job responsibly (whether it’s tree trimming or waste disposal). This has been our commitment for 10+ years as we complete various tree works in Parramatta and the entire Western Sydney.

Contact us here today if you have any tree-related concern. Whether it’s tree maintenance, tree removal, stump grinding or site clearing, High Point Trees will complete the job safely and professionally.